Should I Care?

I don’t care if Mitt Romney is a gazillionnaire.

I don’t care if Santorum is more religious than Romney.

I really don’t care what Gingrich says.

Should I care?  My brain says, Of course.  What if one of these Yahoos manages to get elected?

But I lived through the last Yahoo (Bush), and so did the US.  More fractured than ever.  I suppose it’s my growing Buddhist nature, or maybe I’m just a pessimist, but I figure whether I care or not, whether I vote or not doesn’t really matter in the long run.  Eventually a Yahoo get’s elected regardless of what I think or how I voted.  The rift begins and year after year it grows.  That rift periodically mends itself as best it can.  And the US survives, but the rift is still there.  Eventually we will have such a huge valley between those that have and want more, and those who have nothing.  That’s when the revolution will happen.

It may be another 50 years out, or another 100.  But it’s coming.  Supposedly we wrote history down to ensure we didn’t forget things like revolutions.  Sure we memorized dates and names and places, but we forgot why.  Or some did.  It can’t happen here, you say?  No matter who you are, or what country you live in, when you have nothing, you find a way to get something.  Perhaps some cake?

When the revolution comes, I’ll join.  So I guess it’s a good thing I’ll be dead before it comes.  How many wars have been fought to overthrow a heavy handed government?  Look at the African Continent.  At least one country has been in a civil war for probably 50 years.   How do we allow megalomaniacs like Tutu or groups like al-Qaeda gain power?

Power.  That’s what we all want as human beings.  Power over our environment.  Get rid of the people who annoy you, cut any dissention.  We want a peaceful existence for ourselves.  With power comes freedom.  Can you imagine, really truly being free?  Free to do anything you wanted and no one could question you?  No one could threaten your position.  Sounds like a movie script, right?  But that’s how Tutu felt.  That’s what Hitler wanted.  Total power.

We have to begin to understand ourselves.  Until we understand why we let Yahoos  get elected and why we contrinue to hate each other as human beings we are doomed to repeat history.   The more people who believe they are better than other human beings, we are simply doomed.

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