Easy Open

Argh, I’m going to break a tooth on the next “easy open” pop top that seems to top every product from liquid soap to shampoo.  Exactly the wrong products, since I use these in the shower and don’t wear my thumb braces.  (Another negative in my makeshift splints.)  I don’t have that kind of strength or torque or something, because I have a lot of trouble with these, resorting to other strengths, now mind you I am holding a slippery bottle of liquid soap, and I am gripping it with all the strength I have, so I don’t drop it on my toe.  Press my teeth against the lip of the pop top and apply pressure.  Soap squirts all over my face, in my mouth, and I drop the damn bottle on my toe.  

It scares me to think how bad my thumbs have gotten, and how difficult my life might become if they continue to deteriorate.  A frightening prospect and one I never contemplated.  I’ve envisioned myself in a wheelchair, but never helpless because of the lack of a thumb.  Disabled due to weak thumbs?  It sounds so utterly stupid!


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