Priviledged 1%

Here we are in the midst of an economic meltdown: gas prices again nearing $5 a gallon, milk prices so high you wonder if the cows have gone on strike, the artificially inflated home prices continuing to fall to lows we haven’t seen in years—and yet, what do I see?  Construction.  Lots of construction of new homes.  Not repairs.  Not additions.  But, the tearing down of houses under 5,000 square feet replaced with glass, steel and marble monstrosities big enough to house an entire Mexican village.

I lose count of all the Ferraris, Mustangs, and gas guzzling SUVs I see on the road.  Sure some people have put their Cadillac Escalade up for sale, but on my end of town, they are few and far between.  Why?  Because these people have money and they are immune to economic chaos.  It’s not happening in their world so they have no reason to care if they use more gas than the average schmuck.

They don’t care that some of their employees have to choose between gas for their car or groceries this week.  They don’t care because they don’t know.  They don’t know because, well maybe because they just don’t want to know.

Like when Reagan denied there were any homeless people in the US, or when Bush II insisted we were safer after he invaded Iraq.

People believe what they want.

I’m not immune.  I believe what I say.  And what’s more: I’m right.  And I’m sure you think you’re right too.

So the rich flaunt their wealth in the faces of those with less and feel entitled.  Those of us with less are apparently here to cater to the rich in one way or another.  We are just planets around their sun.

I’ve got a theory why money makes people feel so entitled.   Because they’re narcissists and most surround themselves with sycophants and other hangers-on who feel important when around people who feel important by having “people.”

Narcissists are insensitive to the needs and emotions of the rest of us.  They’re arrogant, and expect admiration, even undeserved.  They use people to do for them, while they live in their own world of freedom and arrogance.  The most unfortunate thing about narcissists is they don’t admit there is a problem.  Since they live in their own perfect fantasy world,  if something is not perfect it must be your problem.

I’m getting better at letting things like this go.  I can’t fix the world, and I can’t make a narcissist see.  All I can do is protect my little corner of hell from the rest of the planets.

6 thoughts on “Priviledged 1%

  1. how much money would one have to make per year/per hour before you would consider them ‘rich’ and bourgeois, otherwise worthy of contempt and disdain? who makes the ‘rules’ for class warfare? why are people divided into ‘them’ and ‘us’ by how many zeros at the end of their paychecks?
    who is behind the scenes ‘aiming’ americans who take work hard and care of their families at other americans who work hard and take care of their families? who is it behind the scenes who want us to consider each other ‘enemies’ for derision just for exercising each other, our freedoms of speech for just the basic act disagreeing with each other?
    you are not my enemy, you are not ‘them’, i will not let those who only seek to secure their own power to ‘aim’ me against you as a weapon of destruction and contempt.

    there is no ‘them’, there is only ‘us’ and ‘we’. now, let’s get about fixing this buggered-up nation and world, eh?

    1. There is a Them and Us mentality, despite the fact we claim not to.

      I have worked with and for multimillionaires, and I know how they treat employees and their families. I don’t doubt that they love their families as much as I love mine. The difference is the 1% is too distant from the 47%. I know a good share of this attitude has to do with the media. I think I treat all people with the respect I expect to receive, and yet do not receive the same from the 1%. I could cite numerous incidents throughout my life where I was belittled by those in power. This creates a Them and Us mentality that is impossible to get rid of now.

  2. you do know don’t you that romney wasn’t talking about 47% of ALL Americans? He was referring to the 47% of Obama supporters that would vote for ‘the president’ not just vote ‘for president’ as if he were referring to the whole general population of all voters. you should listen to that clip directly again without the ‘filter’ ofthe media.
    and as i would also assume to be the case with some measure of staunch romney supporters who will not be dissuaded from voting for ‘him’, romney was referring to the 47% of Obama supporters who regardless of what Mitt says, will probably not be dissuaded from voting for Obama.
    Mitt made the unfortunate and later apologized for ‘further’ comment that this 47% are ‘takers’ and want to be dependant on Government. i agree with what Gov Romney said when confronted about it that it was a horribly indelicate and insensitive thing to say in a public venue, even if ‘public’ was a ‘private’ get together of supporters. in this day of Youtube and Smartphone cameras, you really can’t be too careful of your words. even if they don’t actually say what people ‘say’ they say, someone will attribute the notion anyway.
    hopefully you and i are able to continue communicating together as neither ‘them’ or ‘us’, God knows our country deserves it and may not survive without it.
    thanks for the opportunity to contribute

    1. Very true. But I am one of the 47%. I’m off work on disability, so I take offense to that remark. I don’t buy that he meant it in a nice way. I listened to the recording.

  3. like i said,
    it was a very indelicate, insensitive and unfortunate statement to make. I’m sorry for your disability. have you tried retraining to do work you might be able to do within the limitations of that disability? have you thought about possibly starting a business, say online?
    i’m out of work for the better part of 2yrs myself. not by disability, but by other forces. regardless of the situation, the economy is really tough and ain’t getting better any time soon unless we make a change from what we’ve been doing (redistribution) to encouraging Job creators to start hiring and expanding their businesses to get people (you and me) working again. Because speaking just for myself, i’d rather be working and contributing to my family’s support.
    please consider watching the debate tonight.

    1. So would I. Unfortunately in my case I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to the workforce. I have tried to start an online business, but it is not generating any income yet, and without the marketing knowhow, I’m sort of feeling stuck.

      We do need to open up dialog between opposing parties. My immediate reaction to meeting a Republican is “Why?” I’m trying to open myself up more to conservatives. It’s difficult not to just shut down and ignore them, but I’m trying to listen to the sensible ones. (You aren’t the only conservative following me, but you are few.) And if I didn’t already say so, thanks for following me.

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