Republicans in my Business

I’ve always understood that Republicans, in general, want smaller government.  They want the Federal Government to run the Country, the State Governments to run the States, and so on.  Yet George Bush created new committees, and new positions.  With all the increased security he put into place our country is now less secure than when he took office.  The Patriot Act, passed in secrecy, (If there ever was a misnomer!) allows the Feds to discover what books I have checked out at the public library and wanted the records of which websites I accessed.  The Bush administration limited freedoms in ways not seen since the McCarthy Era.  It hasn’t improved much since he left, thank you Congress.

Why is it such a mess?  The Republicans don’t like to talk to the Democrats.  Each side wants whats best for the country, but can’t agree on what is best for the country.  It seems the Republicans want to make changes that are good for the few, while Democrats want changes that are good for the majority.

So why is it the Federal Government keeps overriding the individual state laws permitting people of the same sex to marry?  And why is it, if the Reps would like the government to keep their hands out of peoples’ personal business, the Feds support a constitutional amendment that states “marriage is between a man and woman.”  Who wrote that?  Did god come down and write that?  Was that number 11 of the commandments and someone knocked it off the rock to make a nice round number?

The Right people, religious right, right wing, like to say it takes a mother and father to raise a family.  Well I’d like to know how all those single mothers and fathers out there are doing it, including all the military families who spend months or years living as a single parent, when there’s this huge group of They who is telling them it can’t be done.  Why does the Right feel they are harmed by gay marriage?  Exactly who does it hurt when two people go to bed?

Of course it would be better to have two people—just for the support of the parent.  It’s hard taking care of kids, getting them to school, the doctor, getting the homework done, taking them to football practice and music recitals, and working full time, and maybe trying to go to school.  A second adult would be a great benefit to both the single parent and the children.  The kids don’t care which sex, why should my government?

Why does the Religious Right care?  Because it goes against their morals?  Well, who said my morals are not  the same as theirs?  They just have to get it through their heads: NOT EVERYONE THINKS LIKE YOU DO, NOR MUST YOU LEGISLATE THAT THEY DO.  See that’s why we live here in America where we are FREE.  At least that’s what I was taught, though GB has taken many of my freedoms away, I’d like to see to it that we get to keep the rest.

They don’t think gay people should marry.  Fine.  There are plenty of people I don’t think should be married, but I can’t go around telling couples who hit each other they must get a divorce because I dislike their fighting.  There are people who shouldn’t have children either, but we can’t legislate that.  I have a neighbor, an unemployed thief and paranoid.  He is legally married to a woman and they have six children he mistreats.  This shouldn’t happen.  I don’t turn him in to Child Protective Services because the kids would be separated and bounced from foster home to foster home and end up worse off than they are.  This couple should not have had children, probably they never should have married.  But I know gay couples who have been together 20 years.  They are as devoted to each other and as kind and thoughtful with each other as my grandparents were.  Its not about which sex you love, but what kind of person you love.

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