Thumbs Again

My thumb braces have already started to come apart.  I paid $25 for something I had to alter, and now after two hand washings, one of them is coming apart at the base of the brace.   Plus it was warm today and my hands got really hot in the foam glove.

I talked with a seamstress friend of mine and I am going to make a prototype to show her.   Then we’ll buy the materials we need and make 1000 of them and become billionaires!  My job tomorrow is to hand stitch my prototype.  Then get it to my friend.  I want them to be light weight, breathable material.  Absolutely no velcro and I want all the fingers free.

A soft brace I’ve tried goes over your fingers and it really makes wearing rings sort of superfluous.  That’s one of the worst things about wearing a brace.  How can I show off my rings if they’re overshadowed by the beauty of my beige glove!  Braces, and canes for that matter, are all so ugly and utilitarian.  I get all decked out in black and diamonds, then put on these stupid ungraceful clodhopper braces and look like a complete dork.  I’ll admit, some of the canes are a bit stylish–if you’re 80 years old.  I’m only 51, and the aluminum canes just scream, “ICK.”  I use a wooden cane of my own making.  I haven’t had to put my full weight on it yet, but it’s oak and it’s strong.  And I’m relatively small.

Before I get too far, I guess I’ve got to look into the market for these.  How many people need thumb braces constantly like I do?  Should I just have my friend NJ make me some and leave it at that?  Hmm, more work for tomorrow.  Research, one of my favorite things to do.

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