Murder in LA

Died April 16, 2012

——-, a 44-year-old black male, died Monday, April 16, after being shot in Vermont Square, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records.
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This is all that is left of my friend’s husband.  He was randomly shot in Los Angeles earlier this week.  One of those wrong place at the wrong time things, it seems.  They have no known motive.  What the killer didn’t know, and probably wouldn’t have cared anyway, is that the man he killed left behind a newborn son, a wife and other children.

My friend spent a month in the hospital before their baby could be born.  Can you imagine, a month in the hospital?  Even after a C-Section women go home after just a couple of days.  Who has to spend an entire month?  Waiting through tests to make sure the baby is ok.  Waiting until the doc says the baby is big enough to be born.  Dealing with the nurses in their rubber shoes whispering squeakily down the halls.  Being bullied by bad nurses, and comforted by the seemingly few nurses with an ounce of compassion.

She spent a month in the hospital to finally bring home a beautiful baby boy and for a couple of days, the family was happily settling into a new routine with the little guy.  Then daddy decides he’s got to go out.  To the store, whatever, but he’s out about town thinking about his new baby and all the hopes and dreams that come with a new baby.

He’s not thinking about his new baby any more.  His wife is struggling with her new reality as a sudden widow and new mother.  She posted on FB that today the Coroner’s Office asked her to make arrangements to pick up her husband’s body.  That is not a conversation anyone should have while recovering from childbirth!  That is not a conversation anyone should have to have at any time!  I can’t even get my head around that kind of conversation.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common, especially in parts of LA.  So common in fact, that this murder didn’t even make the local news.  Apparently it’s boring when there is no story.  Not gang related, no apparent motive.  The local news has to pick and choose which shooting they want to spend that 2 minutes on.  I did finally find the tiny article above.  A sad statement of one man’s life.  They will probably never know why he was killed, sadly, it likely won’t even be thoroughly investigated.

4 thoughts on “Murder in LA

    1. Thank you Pink. I will pass your condolences on to my friend. The older I get the more affected I am by death, I guess. Plus I’ve never known someone who’d been murdered. How does one react? Me, I write.

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