Went to the Little League game again today.  We actually won, I think the kids peed their pants they were so excited.  If they lose every other game, they will still remember this moment.  My GS is a great player.  He can really throw, he catches better than most kids on the team, and is one of their top hitters.  Today before he batted, he stood like The Babe, pointed his bat at centerfield and nailed it nearly out of the ball park!  You may think I brag, and it is my right, but I no shit you, one more foot and it would’ve been over the fence.  (I could exaggerate and say an inch, but it was a foot.)

Thing is, I really hate baseball.  It’s boring, and sucks up my whole afternoon.  Here my GS is doing well, need I say excelling, at something for the first time in his life.  He is a good student, but school to him is one big social time, so he gets into constant trouble with authority figures.  I don’t know where he gets it.  Although his dad is a bit of an anarchist, there could be something there, but that’s not really the issue I’m exploring, I’m talking about why I hate baseball.

It’s boring.  I don’t know the rules and it seems every time I ask the rule is excepted in the next play because the ball flew sideways before the runner touched the third baseman’s nose.  It’s all I can do to keep score; I never know which inning it is. (Thank God Little League is only 6 innings.)  I’m generally just wondering when the game will end.

Today was an exception, today’s game was exceptional!  Great fielding, good plays, (I may not know the rules, but I recognize a good play) knowing when they have to tag a player or base (I haven’t got that straight and I’ve asked that question for 30+ years).  GS made it home twice, was three for three and nearly hit the ball out of the park each time.  It feels so good to see him excel at something.  He’s played hockey and did just fine, but in baseball he shines.

I guess I could get used to baseball.  At least it’s not football.  I really really hate football.  It’s boring, AND lasts 4 hours!

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