Drug War

I understand they now are testing highschool NCAA students for drugs.  How 1984 of us that we let the powers that be have so much interference into our lives.  I will submit to a drug test as soon as you also test for alcohol.  Until you can do that, keep your hands off my pee.

I’m so sick and tired of this stupid drug war and zero tolerance bullshit that I hear spouted on the news.  The 20-year drug war is a waste of manpower and money.  They spend all that money, it seems, on big pot operations.  I don’t care that the local cops made a big pot bust.  No one buying that pot was likely to do me any harm, unless I withheld the Twinkies.  While other criminals go about their daily business of breaking and entering, pimping, rape, kidnapping.

That’s the most appalling thing.  People put tea smokers down there on the list of scum bags like rapists and child molesters.  Not true.  While undoubtably there are rapists and molesters who do smoke pot, but I’d guess very few, because if they smoked dope they would be sitting on the couch watching the Discovery Channel and saying, “Whoa.”

Who gets the longest prison sentence, a doper or a rapist.  A rapist gets 7-10 years, and is usually out in three.  A pot bust, he’s probably got 20 years.  Really, which is the worse crime?

Let me make this perfectly clear to all those confused people out there.  Marijuana does not make you crazy, sex crazed, or any other sort of maniac.  It makes you feel lazy and happy, even on a lousy, cold winter day.  It makes everything feel ok.  And when your life is headed for hell in a handbasket, who doesn’t deserve a tiny vacation where it feels like you will make it.  What’s wrong with a little hope?

I know people who smoke, and people who drink, and some who drink only drink because they are afraid to smoke, while plenty of them drink because they like to drink.  Most who smoke, like to smoke and not drink.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  Like most responsible adults, I don’t know anyone who smokes on the job, but I do know a few who drink on the job, and if not on the job, at least during lunch.  No one bats an eye at a couple of drinks during a power lunch.  But light up a joint, and you’ve got the law on your hands!

I can’t understand the vilification of a little harmless herb.  Ok, don’t start writing to me telling me how strong pot is now compared to when you were smoking it.  It’s stronger, so you don’t smoke as much.  No one’s smoking a baggie of pot in one night anymore.  But what about the money, they must make huge bucks.  Not unless you compare them to workers getting minimum wage.  One does not go into weed farming to “get rich quick.”

My words continue to fall on deaf ears government-wise.  Until they change marijuana’s federal status as a useless drug, the war against drugs will continue and we will continue to fill our jailers with tea smokers, and let the murders out when the jails get overcrowded and underfunded, like now.   NORML has worked for years to make drug infraction laws less severe.  Very little has changed.  Governments continue to dismiss studies done with marijuana which make claims of curing various diseases, even if that study was done at Harvard, or the Mayo Clinic.

The government learned very quickly back in the 30s that prohibition did not work, and worse, unleashed a wicked criminal element.  They rightly repealed the law.  It’s time to reclassify marijuana, so the real criminals don’t get out early because the jail is full of dope smokers with ridiculously long terms.  I thought we knew prohibition does not work.  I’m convinced more every day that we are devlovling as a race.

5 thoughts on “Drug War

  1. I feel the same way. It actually sounds like we have a lot in common. If you are ever bored, I have an issues category on my blog that has a post about this. I have a lot of other issues too though… 😉

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