I Hate Computers

I’ve got to say it.  I feel sorry for H.  We’ve been having issues with it for a month.  First a virus, then something else.  Got it fixed.  Then today it won’t stay on.  Hit the button and it shuts itself off.  He took it up to get it fixed and came back quickly.  It might be the power cord, he muttered, as he left to return to the repair place.  He’s been gone a little while now.  I hope they figure it out and can make a quick fix.

It’s H’s birthday this month.  No reason we can’t just go buy him a new computer?  No he’d rather try to fix this one.  He’s tired of losing all his photos, which happens each time we get a new computer.  Some of his photos don’t get transferred.  That’s the other problem, he has thousands of photos.  I don’t know how big each one is, but according to the computer, he’s out of space.  Maybe they can fix that problem too.

Used to be I knew all about computers.  I knew how big they were and all the software.  I could have written manuals for the Mac.  Alas that time is long past and now I feel like a hundred year old spinster bringing her dog to the computer repair store, but not her computer.  I really hate computers.

The problem is I depend on my computer now.  I’ve got things going on online now.  I’ve got an Etsy store.  I LOVE my laptop!  I can sit outside on the deck and type about the beautiful day, or sit in my favorite chair.   I dread the day my computer goes down.  I could lose stories and my family history.  Yikes.  I am dependent on computers.  I hate that, but I can live with it for now.  I can’t imagine what I would have been doing since retirement if I didn’t have my computer.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Computers

  1. My laptop is also an important part of my everyday life…especially since I started blogging. I feel like my ‘blogging friends’ are inside waiting ..lol I had to have mine completely reloaded..it was close to ‘crashing’. I have so many photos etc. too that I would be traumatized if I lost…Diane

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