While doing some driving the past few days, I had the luxury of being a passenger.  Free to look out my side window at all the things going on around me.  Including watching idiots like these.  We were driving next to this guy in the dark car for close to 20 minutes, and he was on his phone the entire time.  He never once looked out his side window. 

Who are these priviledged idiots driving in Los Angeles?  Why are they here?  What makes them so priveleged?  Do they believe they have magical powers?  Perhaps their car can fly?  I watched as this guy broke out a note pad and pen and started writing!

Sure, we’re on the freeway in Los Angeles and its true we’re only going 20 mph, but you get my point.  None of these people noticed me watching them.  I took numerous photos, including the rear of the cars so I even have license plates.  I’d like to publish those too, to get these yahoos off the roads.  Half the time we’re doing 20 mph because the lady at the head of the line is busy texting and doesn’t realize how slow she is moving, or what lane she’s in, but as long as you know which lane she’s in, you don’t care.  That is until supertexter crashes into the rear of a VW sending that driver to the hospital.

I had an accident on this same freeway a couple of years ago.  I was found at fault.  The woman in front of me in the big white SUV stopped and I swerved to go around her, just as another driver was taking that lane.  We collided and the woman in the white SUV disappeared.  She was probably texting and completely oblivious!  I’;m not so anal as to go on and on that it’s illegal to text and drive.  The most obvious issue is not legality but sensability.  How can people be so stupid.  Oh, thast’s right, they’re not stupid, just priveleged and the laws of physics don’t apply to them; i.e., when the car in front of them stop and their car doesn’t, a crash generally will occur.  Unless of course you’ve got special dispensation from Mother Earth that her laws don’t apply to you.

I wish my car had magic powers and traveled inside a safe bubble.

I wish I was so special that I could do stupid things and never feel their consequence.

I can only hope for Karma to catch up to them.




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