Memory Loss

I have a completely blank mind today.  Trouble concentrating, and feeling the loss; both of my youth and my memory.  I can’t imagine the pain of Alzheimer’s.  I know how easy I’ve got it.  I’ve got friends coming Saturday, and I took the whole week to clean house.  I can’t get the chores all done in one day.  I get too fatigued.  I can always take a nap, though.

My problem today though, is nothing to write in my blog.

Son and Grandson just came home from school.  Son looked very frightened and near tears.  It took twenty minutes, but eventually he told me he had a terrible moment when he got to school that he had to leave.  No he had to do something at the school.  He got out of the car and walked to the classroom, but confused the whole time as to why he was there.  It seemed very dreamlike from his description.  Nearly put the poor kid into a panic attack.

GS has to go to baseball practice, but S is afraid to drive.  He said he had a difficult time driving home, and fears he should give up his driver’s license today.  I told him not to be hasty and we’ll wait and see if he has any more of these episodes.

I’m afraid he’s got MS, though I know he’s not supposed to.  Supposedly because he grew up here in California, his chances of having MS because I did–zilch.  That was according to the specialist that diagnosed mine.  I hate things like this in life.  These moments when you don’t know what to do.  Just send S for the testing, get him diagnosed and then put him on disability.  A terrible choice for a 30 year old man.

I hate seeing S like this, feeling trapped and disabled at such a young age, in the middle of his first midlife crisis.

3 thoughts on “Memory Loss

  1. Sorry to hear about your son’s episode…Even though MS is not hereditary…it can happen..but even if so he may only ever get some of the not so serious symptoms Here’s hoping for the best….Diane

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