Sitting here this morning getting stoned, seeing if I can really smoke S under the table.

Well not really, but I did smoke a bowl before trying to write this blog, something I haven’t done before.  One thing I notice is my error rate is up and my speed is down.  I’ve started more sentences than I’ve finished, and I have no goal in mind to end this silly post.

I like being outside when I’m stoned.  It really does make nature so much prettier.  Greens are just a little greener, and birds twitter has a more lyrical quality.  The sound of the river is always soothing, but stoned on a sunny river bank is perfect for napping.  I’ll have another bowl after this and probably go for a long walk to the woods.  Maybe even take my binoculars.

Stoned, things just seem easier, more palatible, less of a chore.  I like to get stoned before grocery shopping.  My least favorite chore.  That could be why I always forget something, but that’s the trade.  It’s my reward for doing an onerous chore.

I’m sure plenty of you disapprove of my choice, and that is your choice.  I don’t intend to offend, but I would like to show those of you who disapprove of marijuana that smoking it does not tend to make someone a raging sex fiend or suddenly take up bank robbery.  Smoking it eases my mind and allows me to dislike things less.

I don’t do this every day, either.  Today is just one of those days when I have no chores to attend to.  No doctor appointments or anything scheduled.  It’s beautiful outside, and I have a nice little yard to enjoy.  My legs feel good and there’s that walk I mentioned yet to take.  I’ve got some gardening I could do, and each thing I do I will enjoy it just a little more.  See things a little bit more Buddhist.  And feel peaceful and calm, except for the munchies–got to curb those.

5 thoughts on “Stoned

  1. if you’re stone grocery shopping won’t you just buy all the wrong things. Your shopping list will be out the window! No problem finding munchies 😉

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