Afghan War is Over…Look Out Iran/Syria

Just heard President Obama say the Afghan War is “basically” over.  I guess that means no one is supposed to die any more.  We are only going to stay in Afghanistan for a few years, just long enough to transfer power to the natives.  Are these people so backwards we must train them?  How insulting.  What do we train them in?  Bombs and guns or growing food?

It’s the same war over and over.  First we discover a weakness in another country (or perhaps someone flies through some buildings).  Communists, Muslims, Albinos.  Who ever is available to feel the wrath of the US–the police of the world.

Since when is it our duty to step into these situations?  Oh, right, the oil thing.  That would explain why we don’t have more of a presence in Africa.  Notice how well we stay out of Africa?  Seems like there has been a country in the midst of civil war every year for as long as I can remember.  Do you recall when all of the continent of  Africa was at peace?  Now, do you remember how many times the US stepped in?

George Bush the Ignorant put us into these wars.  He never had an exit strategy.  He only had an agenda.  Even said it was the next guy’s worry.  Is that why we are still there ten years later?  Ten years!  For what?  To turn the country back over to it’s true owners and move out.  I don’t know what was accomplished in the past ten years.  Seems to me thousands of people died to avenge the deaths of hundreds of others.  I hate to suggest it was a “holy” war, but that’s what it seemed to amount to “Christians vs Heathens”

I’m always hearing the US Military is over there fighting for my freedom.  How can a man send people to fight for MY freedom in another country?  Exactly how does that work?   The US Military is over there fighting to avenge hundreds of deaths, or perhaps, eventually, bring the people peace.  But first let’s destroy the infrastructure, kill thousands of people who, if given a choice, would probably have preferred US would fight for MY freedom somewhere else.

Watch out Iran.  Lay low Syria.  You wouldn’t want us to bring you peace.

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