Completely Uninspired

That’s what I am, uninspired.  I have no passion any more.  I don’t go running to my notepad to jot things down any more.  I’m even uninspired in my reading choices, sticking to favorite authors instead of dabbling in someone new.  My mind is blank, like I have no thought at all.  I want to go back to bed.

Felt like this yesterday too.  I suppose its the Blahs and will pass.  My GP had tapered me off of Abilify.  I’ve only been without it about a week, but maybe that’s it. It feels a little like depression.  I just don’t know what set me off other than decreasing my meds.  I really need to find a Psychiatrist to monitor them.  Last time I tried, the Blue Cross website wouldn’t let me set up an account or use my existing one.  Not really the frustration I needed.  Still, I suppose I should try again.

I’ll try to work on Husband’s family tree.  He appears to be related to one of the first settlers in Virginia, but the proofs take a while.  It’s a big job, and can get very confusing.  Lots of men married women with the same name as the mother, and sister.  You end up with 3 Lauras.  Then sister Laura marries a man with the same name as her brother!  Geez, the people previous to the 20th Century had no imagination when it came to naming their kids!

Here’s to hoping for a better mood tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Completely Uninspired

  1. You believe your gp doesn’t really understand about your meds?? or did your gp tell you about going to a psychiatrist? I was fortunate that when I found my current gp 12 years ago she seem to handle my meds well…..(I also saw her for cognitive therapy) Hope you feel better soon…Diane

    1. I trust my GP to monitor my meds. She’s the one who doesn’t want that responsibility. She has little experience with depression and feels that my history and level of meds warrants being watched by an expert. I trust her that it is best for me to find a psychiatrist. They don’t make it easy though. And when I’m feeling good, I’m not apt to act on it, and during the bad times, I’m too troubled to deal with the hassle. She knows that much about me, and must nag me and remind me of my own responsibilities to myself.

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