On Being Single

I am not single, far from it.  My son, however, is a single dad, with all the responsibilities of parenting, without the benefit of a partner.  He finally admitted to me today that he was very lonely and would very much like to have a steady girlfriend.  In fact he wouldn’t mind being married.  He really wants and needs a partner.

My motherly instinct (after comforting him) tells me to start scouting for girls.  I imagine making little business cards with his picture and phone number saying: “Lonely?  Me too.  If you would like to try not to be lonely together, call me.”  I told him I’d have some 8×10 colored glossies with his phone number made and staple them to telephone poles all over the city. LOL

Seriously, though.  How do people meet today?  The clubs are certainly out.  Son does not drink and does not enjoy being around others who are.  Church or church groups are out, of course, Son being an atheist like me.  I know there are hundreds of dating websites, but needless to say, Son is not comfortable with that, it’s so easy to lie.  I kept hoping he would meet a single mother at GS’s school, but that hasn’t happened.

My motherly instinct wants him to have a partner, and all I want to do is get one for him.  Like I could walk in somewhere and pick out a few to introduce him to.   I am trying to get him to take an improvisation class at a local theater.  He’s very funny, and quick witted.  I’ve done improv, and I think he’d be great.  He’s not likely to do something like that on his own, and I suggested we could take the class together, but how pathetic would that seem?

Son has always been an introvert, and he’s discovered the consequences of it is being alone.  He knows he wants to change this, but doesn’t see a way out.  It’s always easy for others to offer helpful tips and platitudes, but the reality is he must change and changing from an introvert to an extrovert is going to be hard.  Unfortunately, I also was an introvert, so I know how hard it is to change.

So all you single ladies out there, I have a good looking, nice young man looking for a good woman (sorry guys, Son is straight).

6 thoughts on “On Being Single

  1. It’s so difficult watching even our grown adult children in some kind of distress…It’s the mothering instinct in us to want to make everything okay for them.. (fix their boo boos lol)….Diane

  2. Every time I go to the grocery store, I find friendly people there. He can start a conversation by asking questions about recipes and stuff like that. Let’s face it, most men there look confused.

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