I Didn’t Vote Yesterday

Yesterday we had the Primary Election, and voted on several key issues.  I was so tired of listening to all the crap.  The bottom line, in November there will be two candidates to choose from for President: Mr. Obama or Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney?!  OMFG!  I thought we had a bad time with two terms of George the Ignorant!

I can’t imagine the debt he will ramp up, while somehow managing to decrease public services, like medicare and food stamps programs and utterly destroy the already terrible American School System.  A school system that cannot teach art, let alone tolerance, in a room full of kids sharing one book because the school can’t afford more books.  I can’t count the number of times the grade school solicits for money.  The PTA used to have bake sales to buy extra things for the school, like library improvements, or a new jungle gym for the kindergarten.  Not to buy basic supplies like paper and pencils.  These things the teachers often buy out of their own pockets.  Not that the Governor of Wisconsin cares.  Or any one else for that matter.

When I was in school I was taught anyone can be president of the US, even a bucktoothed, freckel faced, geeky girl.  Turns out that’s a lie.  It comes down to who has the most money, and it’s not just this campaign, but all campaigns.  We don’t even care where that money comes from.  Apparently Americans are just naturally drawn to money.  We are enthralled by it, and someone with large amounts of money is an automatic celebrity, ala Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Oprah.

Oh, please, powers of the universe, hear my plea:  Please NO Mitt Romney as President.  I don’t want to move to Canada!  It’s cold up there, eh?

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Vote Yesterday

  1. I think your schools are not as well equipped shall we say…than ours in Canada…I have heard this several times referred to on TV..and your teachers are not paid as well as ours are. For teachers and parents to have to help buy supplies …is really something…. Your right too that one does have to be wealthy to run for President but even other offices….I think that’s true for us as well….Diane

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