Inspirational Blog Award

I was surprised yesterday when I received a message saying I was nominated for the Inspirational Blog Award. I am glad to have inspired someone and I hope there are others who have been touched.  The whole idea of blogging is connecting with other people.  Thank you karengivens808 for honoring me with this nomination.

As the rules dictate, here are some things about me:

-I am a big fan of Christopher Moore.  A hilarious writer.

-I don’t read poetry.

-One of my favorite comedians is Christopher Titus, a very funny man, takes the words dysfunctional family to a whole new level.

-Dave Matthews is my favorite band.

-I love to discuss the forbidden subjects: sex, religion and politics

The Blogs I Nominate for this award:  Each blog has its own merits, but overall, these are some of the most inspirational blogs I follow.  I hope they inspire you.

Bucket List Publications (

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