Just got back from taking the GS to the pool.  We decided to walk, it’s only a few blocks.  We packed up towels and a beach ball and headed out.  He on his bike, me on my own.  It wasn’t long into the walk that I realized I shouldn’t have walked.  My legs have been, for the most part, behaving quite well, even on long, strenuous walks lately.   I’ve been hiking up the steepest hill in the neighborhood twice a week, and taking daily shorter walks.  Been working on my legs at the gym too.

Of course, none of that makes any difference.  I could have thighs like a linebacker, and still feel as if they weigh a ton each.  Frustrating.  My H believes that if I keep building up muscle mass and strength, I’ll be able to walk farther and faster.  It would be nice if he was right, but it’s the nerves that make my legs feel heavy, strength doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it.

Nevertheless, I shall persevere with the plan of making myself stronger.  I plan to walk to the gym or pool every day, legs permitting.  Which thrills the GS since he loves to go with me.   The hyperactive little gremlin needs constant stimulation so going to the pool is especially good for him and a serious workout for me.  Plus it adds fuel to my desire to reclaim my 20 something body.  I’ll be working out more this summer than I have for more than 15 years.  I look forward to seeing the changes.  I may even get used to the weird dude who’s out everyday working on his tan.  He already looks like he’s from India, but he’s out there greased up and absorbing ultraviolet rays like a lizard every day.

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