Know It All

We’ve all known the “Know it all” who generally doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Needless to say, people like this tend not to be very popular.

My GS, not yet 9 years old, is a Know It All.  It annoys us no end and we can’t seem to get through to him that it is ok if he doesn’t know things.  We’ve explained to him that it is all right to explain things to people, but it has to be truthful and honest information.  A concept my GS seems not to understand, and unwilling to learn.

GS is ADHD, not diagnosed by a doctor because S doesn’t want him to be “labeled” ADHD.  I don’t quite agree with him, but regardless of a proper diagnosis, we all know what GS’s problem is.  Even if he was properly tested and diagnoses, we aren’t really sure what good that would do.  Does knowing he has ADHD make it any easier?  I’ve discussed this with S and he doesn’t want GS on drugs like ritalin, etc.  He’s a disturbance in the class room, and is constantly in trouble for talking out of turn, getting out of his seat. etc.

It is a compulsion with him to speak when others are speaking, and it doesn’t matter what he says, it’s all a bunch of goofy ideas and misinformation, typical of a child’s imagination.  If two adults are in conversation about something, GS chimes in with his nonsensical eight year old logic.  We try to explain to him that it’s very nice he wants to help, but he really isn’t.  We’ve told him that he’s simply too young to understand some things.  He gets his feelings hurt and runs to his room, refusing to listen to anyone since “no one” is listening to his nonsense.  Lately it is impossible to get him to listen to anything, but himself.

We’ve been dealing with him for nearly nine years and he has always been this way, but it has gotten so much worse as he’s gotten older.  I see him interact with other children, and he doesn’t know how to approach other children, he tends to be bossy and pushy, and dare I say it, a little bit of a bully.  I figure he’s doing this in compensation to his feeling that he doesn’t know anything and is stupid, but we are so far unable to teach him how to control his impulses.

Please, anybody out there who has dealt with this in their children, how do we get through to him?  I need an instruction manual for the ADHD kid without drugs or expensive psychotherapy!

4 thoughts on “Know It All

  1. This is such a tricky situation. I have known a couple of young relations who were like this as kids but have grown out of it now that they are young adults. I hope someone in the blogsphere has some tips

  2. We have a granddaughter who is grown now and when she was little she was the same as your GS…constantly in trouble in school and at home..her parents put her on Ritalin for awhile but didn’t like the ‘zombie’ effect it had on her so stopped it…but unfortunately that left her back to her old self. The only thing that we did was to get her interested in something….like we enrolled her in ‘Brownies’ younger than girl scouts…and tried with other things….I can’t say it stopped her behaviour but when she had a special interest it did help; somewhat. While ‘ritalin’ was/is used a lot there must be gentler medications now that can help without the ‘zombie’ effect. I think when he’s this age it’s the time to do something because as he gets older his actions will be more detrimental mostly to himself. My granddaughter is an adult now but she really has never acted her age and when she became a teenager her ADHD did not help…she was constantly disobedient and wanted her own way..They were difficult years. That’s why I say better to do something now…when he’s young and can adapt ….just some thoughts…Diane

    1. I’m hoping he will outgrow it, but worried that if he doesn’t, he’s going to have some real difficult years ahead. And, since he lives with H and I, difficult years for us, as well. Son does not want GS given any drugs, even as he gets older. He had a cousin ADHD, the cousin used to sell his drugs to kids at school from middle school on. YIKES.

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