We’ve been having beautiful weather while the rest of the US was hit by some record heat.  We finally got our “heat” the past few days.  It feels like Missouri out there!  I’m getting eaten alive by HUGE mosquitos.  The size they get in Florida.  This is California, we don’t have teradactyl-size bugs!  At least we never did before.  The only thing we don’t have is the constant scream of cicadas in the trees.

At last today is warm, but not hot, moist, but not as humid as the Amazon.  Between the heat and swimming at the pool, I think I took off about five pounds the last week. 🙂  (A girl can dream.  I’m not about to weigh myself and find out I am wrong.)

I never lived in Missouri, and I’m glad.  We did visit relatives there one summer, unfortunately.  To clarify for anyone not familiar with Missouri in July, it’s not  you really want to be, unless you’re one of those survivalists on TV.  The cicadas are deafening and nearly constant, like the drone of an all to nearby freeway.   Sit in the shade of a beautiful weeping willow, you will be surrounded by bees, flies, and mosquitos and will drip sweat, just sitting still.  All movement takes a special effort, like moving through water, the air is so heavy with it.

It’s very much like the Florida panhandle at the same time of year.  I’ve living in the Panhandle, and it can be miserable.  I had very short hair, and I would wash it in the early morning, and by evening, it was still damp.  That’s a lot of humidity.  I always thought that 100% humidity was rain, but I was wrong.  I think the Gulf Coast of the US can reach 150% humidity and still not actually rain.  I could be wrong.  But as I said, you just never are dry in July and August.

Of course, most of this is moot today as 95% of us have air conditioning.  Which is what it was invented for.  However, I have always been of the mind of not liking A/C.  It’s cold and dry and I hate it.  It seems most people who live in warm climates like to run the A/C all the time, no matter the temp outside.  It’ll be 105 degrees in Phoenix, but people will have their A/C at 75 degrees, making it a 30 degree temperature change.  Ouch!  I have to get dressed to go indoors!  Bringing a sweater, gloves, and foot warmers to the movie theatres.

I have A/C in my house.  It works very well, though we don’t use it.  Electricity is so expensive, it’s cheaper to run a couple of ceiling fans.  Am I strange for not living in comfort the past week?  Probably, but I’ll bet my electric bill is lower than most for the summer.

I have always disliked air conditioning.  When I was 16 in my first year of High School, and they built a new High School in my town.  It was a modern, top of the line school complex, according to the hype.  The big draw was the central air conditioning in all the spaces.  People in town oohed and aahed, and sighed deeply.  Mind you this was a time before central air was so widespread, especially in the northern Midwest, where I grew up.

The biggest reason I sit through the heat of the day, dripping, and drinking large quantities of ice water?  The cool relief of the evenings.  My favorite feeling in the world.  The sun is going down, taking the worst of the heat with it, and many times, bringing in a cool ocean breeze.  Relief from the heat is almost immediate, and I open all the doors and windows and let it blow the heat out.  If I’d had the A/C on all day, I wouldn’t even notice the cool relief of California coastal evenings.  It’s why I live in California, and not Missouri!

5 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. for us brits it’s shcok going into the warmth, hence in Spain last month there was no air con in all but one bedroom, I got that room, my friends suffered

  2. When I was younger I loved and could take the heat but as I aged and I guess having the M.S. heat then became enemy and yet ironically something that I still love. I love sitting in the sun and warmth but without the air conditioning to retreat to I would be left a person whose energy had been totally sucked out of…..I get weak and tired …I know you’re talking in general and not medical issues but for me I love both!! …Diane

    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I suffer through the heat, but my worst symptom is lead legs during hot weather, so I don’t suffer as much as most. My S suffers more severely. I am endlessly thankful that I don’t suffer too badly, and I would take S’s pain in a minute. And still wait for the amazing coolness of evening. At least until August when the humidity and heat will combine for a rematch. Even then I won’t turn on air conditioning until it gets over 90 degrees in the house. (I’m either really cheap, or electricity is really expensive.)

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