V Diet

I’ve been lurking in various blogs today and stopped in at CultFit, which I find to be an excellent site full of great information on getting fit.  Something I am striving to do.   I was delighted to find diet and exercise information.  When I stumbled onto the Velocity Diet I was entranced.  Why this sounds fabulous.  It sounds so good in fact that I begin to think it’s too good to be true.  But I keep reading, and it still sounds like something I might try to do.  At one point, they state, so there is no “gotcha” at the end, purchase of their supplements is part of the program.  Well, I think to myself, they sure are being upfront and I keep reading about this wonderful product.

Eventually, I come down to entering my name, weight and birthdate into their calculator to provide my personalized daily menu.  As I read the menu I wondered when the program offers me something else to eat other than the supplements and shakes.  Well, they said at the beginning, this diet is a bitch.  Wow, its giving me all this information.  Daily guide.  All I have to do is commit to it and spend $400 on the supplements.  Then I plugged in my H’s info.  He would need nearly $500 worth of supplements.


I must thank you, CultFit.  I believed the part about being upfront and avoiding a “gotcha” moment.  Unfortunately, you still “got” me at the end when I looked at the price of 28 days of the V-Diet.  It was the best laugh I’ve had in I don’t know how long.  I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes.  All I kept thinking was “gotcha!”

I know people spend more than $400 on gym memberships, so maybe that amount of money isn’t as much as it seems to me.  Then again, aren’t I worth $400 to get into the best shape of my life?  I’d really like to try it.  I think I can commit to doing anything for 28 days.

The only question I still have is: Will I buy my one month supply, or use that $400 to pay my HOA fees?

2 thoughts on “V Diet

  1. Money is usually a dilemma when deciding to ‘try’ some of the diet programs…One I read was free delivery and then when you read follow-up small print it said if you don’t continue at least 3 months than you have to pay back the delivery charge for the first month that was supposedly ‘free’….Diane

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