Federal DI – Revisited

A friend of mine, a lawyer, insists I speak with him about my denial by Fed DI.  He says he will have it handled for me.  I feel very lucky, but do I really need a lawyer?  I’ve filed my request for reconsideration, and my last employer has a letter for me to use at my hearing, which I should find out the date sometime in August.

I hesitate to discuss this in depth with an attorney because it seems so cut and dry to me.  Once they review the contents of my employer’s letter, they will understand.

What if they don’t?  Can a lawyer make the difference, since my last employer was a law firm, won’t their letter be convincing?  Why do I always have more questions than answers?

I’ll call my friend next week, send him a copy of my employer’s letter, see what he thinks about my chances.  My last employer also says they will help if they can.  I guess some of my refusal to accept the help is to prove that I can handle this situation by myself.

It’s always been difficult for me to accept favors.  I guess I don’t want to feel as if I “owe” something in return.  Not because I don’t want to pay, but I don’t have anything to offer in return.  Therefore, my karmic debt will be unbalanced.

Geez, every time I think I understand life, me, my spouse, my kid, … turns out I don’t know diddley.  What good is getting older if I never get wiser?  How ironic, I am desperate to prove how disabled I am.  That’s wrong on so many levels. lol  I feel stupid trying to convince someone of my complete lack of ability.  Do they have any idea of demeaning that is?  Maybe I don’t want the help because I really don’t want to be admitted to the roles of the HANDICAPPED.  Every time I think I am accepting things, something like this hits me in the face.  I’d rather I was really slapped in the face.  Recovery time would be much better, I think.



3 thoughts on “Federal DI – Revisited

  1. Since this is an ‘appeal’ you want to really make your case this time for sure. You don’t mention having a letter from your doctor outlining your cognitive problems being part of the disease. Maybe you should at least ‘run by’ the information that you have with your friend. I don’t believe you should worry about accepting help offered. As I mentioned previously I have similar issues with my M.S….Diane

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