Disability – Bad News

Spoke to an attorney about my disability claim and I didn’t come away with any sort of good news.    First the attorney suggested, as others have, to get a letter from my neurologist to cover the cognitive issues.   She also said the letter from my last employer may help as well, but I will have to prove to DI that not only can I not continue to do my normal work, I can’t take other jobs.  Of course, you’re employable if you can act as a ticket taker at a movie theatre.

I’d like to point out to the feds that working at a theatre doesn’t mean you only take tickets.  I would still have to act as cashier either at the snack bar or the ticket booth.  I’d need to learn their computer system and handle money.  All of these things prove difficult for me.  Of course, no one ever knows how I’d do, yet I’d have to prove that I could not do unskilled labor either.    

Honestly, I’d like to think that I might be able to do less skilled work.   Is it really fair to a potential employer to go in there as if this never occurred?  I could explain my year off was due to a temporary disability.  Then they’d ask what type of disability.  Can they ask that?  How honest would I need to be with a potential employer?  Should I imply some physical ailment?

The attorney told me its about 18 months for a hearing, I told her that DI told me it would be 3 mos.  She was able to look at the schedule online and she confirmed the first opening in their docket for a hearing was 400 days out!  More than one year just to get my appeal hearing?  And I would still likely be denied.

What am I supposed to do when state DI runs out?  I can’t very well collect unemployment.  The attorney said I actually could modify my claim, or drop it altogether if I went back to work, because if I did either, of course there’s no way I’d ever get DI.  Other than going back to work, how am I supposed to keep up with my bills?

Ah, that’s right, my government really doesn’t give a crap about me, the individual (unless they want my vote).  Well, half my government sort of cares, but the other half will do all it can to make everything done by them is moot.  Like this.  Have to make budget cuts.  God knows the budget must be balanced immediately, though it took more than 10 years to run up the tab.  The Republicans knew what to do to raise funds;  increase the red tape, layoff workers, have mandatory furlough days, and best of all decrease benefits.  Easy for them to do, these priveleged few are covered by health and disability insurance until they die and go to hell.  They’ll never know what it means to a family, already strapped, now loses a car, the house, and have difficulty finding a place to rent that they can afford.

I’ve never experienced another government, and know pitifully little about any governments other than communism, but right now I hate my government.  I wonder when it stopped serving the people, and I have trouble putting my finger on the exact date.  Did it start in the 60s?  But didn’t the hippies and peaceniks manage to get rid of the scum in office?  LMAO.  I know they tried, but things are even worse now than 30 years ago.  Those old hippies and peaceniks have retired from office telling themselves they did the best they could.  I guess that’s what I will tell my GS when we have to move away from his school and friends.

Needless to say, I’m a bit devastated.  It will be a little while before I feel out the workplace.  I guess I should at least finish my year off.

4 thoughts on “Disability – Bad News

  1. It’s so hard for me to digest the process in the States…It must be more complex and stringent than Canada…It’s almost like you don’t have an true ‘advocate’…even the attorney was defeatist..Until the appeal,is there not an agency that provides you with support. If you go back to work it seems you would have to start the same process all over again. You have cognitive, I would imagine some mental/physical fatigue, you are maybe not depressed but very close to it, you have some physical limitations re walking any distance….What in the world are you supposed to do between now and 400 days? Someone must have an answer for you….or is there not? Maybe I’m naive….Diane

    1. We must act as our own advocates, and like most, I don’t really know where to start. The attorney was willing to take my case and at least make an assessment of my case, but the 400 days for a hearing is just how backlogged this court system is.

      This is where the Republicans say I’m supposed to be living off my savings while I wait. What they don’t know is the middle class has not have “savings” since the 90s. Even for those who found a way to save, lost it in the last few years of chronic unemployment.

      I have no choice but to go back to work and nulify my claim all together. I’ll take a less stressful job and probably only work part time, but the money I make will be better than not making any money.

      1. How frustrating for you…You’re right about the middle class and no savings. Well, my thoughts are with you. but that doesn’t help any. It’s too bad the appeal waiting time can’t be appealed…lol….Diane

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