MS Again Again

Talked with the disability lawyer again today.  She confirmed to me, and I paraphrase, as she never offered any advice, merely told me how SSDI works.  My perceptions of our conversation and thinking about it a few days made me decide to confirm I was doing the most sensible thing, in going back to work.  She said most people in my position end up doing the same thing.  I asked how it would affect my claim, and she said it would just be withdrawn.  And if I fail at this job level too?  I can always submit again.  But, I may as well just go apply to be a Walmart Greeter before I tried again, and she agreed.

After applying and then failing as Walmart Greeter I will at last be considered “disabled” and no longer employable.  The reasons will be different by then, it won’t be my memory issues, but because by then I will be unable to stand for more 15 minutes at a time, unable to sign my name due to paralyzed digits, and more confused than a cat in a shoe factory.

I will then be deemed sufficiently deficient and the powers that be will allow me to claim my portion of disability income I have spent my lifetime putting into to receive 64% of my last year’s wages.  Based on that, by the time ms has stolen all my skills and I have been absolved of all my self esteem, and relegated to selling my hair, I will receive 64% of minimum wage basis on a 20 hours work week over the prior year.  Now I will be disabled and have developed a taste for catfood, and my house will crumble around me, for how can anyone survive on less than $9,000 a year?

They can you say, and you’d be right.  There are far too many Americans making minimum wage ($8.50 US), work multiple jobs, because none are full time, because if McDonalds hires you full time it’s got to give you benefits, so they keep your hours under 30 a week.  You don’t have a car and so take the bus, sometimes adding two hours travel time each way.  This is where disability finds you.  It’s no wonder people end up living in their cars, or out of large cardboard boxes.

OK, you Republicans, you say that we can’t afford a cradle to the grave type of government codling.  Apparently I’m supposed to make enough money to enable me to live off my last 35 years wages earned working your $350,000 a year job, and the investments I made.  Except most of us don’t live lives like that.  In fact, I’ve heard only about 1% of the human race lives like that.  I understand how you are able to what with all the money you saved by not paying me a living wage, or providing affordable health care.

Mitt can go kiss his own ass, and the Republicans he rode in on.

Go Obama.


now cannot perform any job, though if they start paying Gibbering Idiots, there may be a place for me in politics.

4 thoughts on “MS Again Again

  1. It’s annoying beyond comprehension that people are treated like this when the people making the decisions have never had to live off a minimum wage/benefits in their lives and do not understand how difficult it can be. I hope you do manage to get things sorted or find a position that you can manage at least for a little while before the MonSter claims your abilities. Frustration is not the word with this condition! xx

  2. Boy can I understand your frustration…it’s going to be tough for you to find a job that is not too ‘taxing’ on you but yet pays you enough to live…It is really hard for me to think about how hard the process is for you in the States…my thoughts will be with you during the days ahead…Diane

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