I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s intermission.

A beautiful, busy day yesterday.  I planned to do some good writing, any one of numerous projects would do.

My fantasy novel.  It’s not The Hobbit, but I still like the idea and had some interesting characters.  Unfortunately , I can’t find my copy – so that’s a total rework.  In fact, it’s pretty much a new novel altogether.  I could work on that.  Say 500 words by noon?

My fictionalized Al Capone and the barber?  It still interests me, and I have it sitting right here.  Most of the research has been done.  I could write up some notes, or rewrite the beginning.  I’ve started it three times, and need to try to integrate the three beginnings, or start fresh again.

Or, I could polish off some of my short stories and try to get them published.  Maybe go back to my fables project.  Work on my Rumplestiltsken piece?

Did I do any of these things?

I tried, but no.


Life got in the way.  First there was laundry to do and dishes to wash.  Then a doctor appointment that ran long and running errands after.  I honestly was not trying to avoid writing, but managed quite nicely to let another fabulous day go by without working on it.

How do you find time to write every day?

7 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Haha I don’t! Life always seem to get in the way. But one thing I can say is if you really want to try and get your novel going assign yourself some time, even if it’s the length of time it takes for your washing machine to wash. 🙂 you’ll manage it eventually and whichever one you decide to go for I’m looking forward to reading it! xx

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