Handicapped Media

Pistorius looks like he’ll win some gold.  I can’t imagine the hope he gives to someone who has lost a limb.   I love watching him, and you can see all the work he has done.  He deserves to be there and I don’t know how anyone considers the loss of both your lower legs as having an advantage.  I hope he wins big.  Encourage more “handicapped” to try out for the games.

In fact, why are there TWO Olympics, one Special, one not so much?  Why are they separate?  There may be things some to change, like adding wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing.  I’m sure there are a lot of practical reasons for keeping them separate, but it stinks of “ism” to me.  Like racism, only keeping separate but equal for the Un Normal ones?  Not sure if it’s a word, but I suggest we use disabledism.

Have you ever seen the Special Olympics on national TV?  I haven’t, but I don’t watch much of the Regular (?) Olympics.  The separatism of “our” world and “theirs.”  Why don’t we hear about these Little Darlings of America?

Did I ever mention how I hate the media.  If you think you are in control of your life, think again.  The media (CNN) dictates what you see, when you see it, and whether or not it is “clean” enough for you to see it.  Big Brother might be watching me, But who’s got an eye on them?

The media make or break a person, not their PR.  It just depends on if “the powers that be” like them or not.  The media can convict a black man of murder, even though there is blonde hair at the crime scene.

The media (CNN/Times) decide which stories to report.  Based on what they “think” we are interested in seeing.  So what’s tonight’s lead story?  Man murders woman, or hundreds killed in Syria?  NO.  Kim Kardashian just launched a new color nail polish.  That is their lead story.

I could go on, and I did, but I tried to add a graphic and had to revert to a previous saved version and had totally forgotten all the great stuff I said.  Rats.  You, dear bloggers, would have liked it too.

9 thoughts on “Handicapped Media

  1. The media for sure decides what ‘they’ want to put on for us to watch. The ‘special’ Olympics has much more significance than the ‘regular’. I realize that all those who participate in the Olympics train and push themselves to achieve marvelous works…but how much harder do the ones with disabilities have to push themselves…btw it’s awful when you forget to ‘save’ or for some other reason your work disappears……Diane

    1. That’s the difference between computer and longhand. In longhand I would have still had it. And with my memory issues, when I say it’s gone, I mean I have absolutley no clue what I wrote. That’s not the first time it has happend to me on this site either. Frustrating.

      1. When I write ..it’s totally whatever comes at the time and because I’ve got memory problems and could not replicate what I wrote either I ‘save’ several times during the post.. You must be very frustrated even concerned if this has not happened before. I am somewhat used to it now…Diane

  2. i loved this, BUT i will say i think there is a reason that the paralympics exist. oscar is an anomaly, in that NO ONE who runs on those carbon blades can run as fast as him. so, the other amputee runners, if they were to compete in the regular olympics, they would be blown out of the water and that is not fair to them. so, it is a very good thing that there are two separate competitions. however, if someone can compete, like oscar can with runners who have legs then i am all for him being in the competition. they believe that because oscar lost his legs SO early, before he was a year old, that he may have formed neural pathways that allow him to be more efficient with his prosthetics. most paralympic athletes lose their legs much later in life. that all has yet to be studied, but that is one current theory. fascinating stuff, isn’t it? much love, sm

    1. You make some excellent points. I uinderstand Oscar was always a runner. I wasn’t suggesting recent amputees take up running and try out for the olympics.

      I’d still like to see wheelchair races and basketball.

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