Writing Olympics

I just found a NaNoWriMo camp.  I guess a place to practice writing a first draft of a novel in one month.  Since I just started rewriting my fantasy, I figured I’d try to finish the first draft this month.  It’s already five days into it and I’ve written some 3300 words.  I’ve got a ways to go, and really want to see if I can stick to it.

My blog may get really boring, as it will probably be little more than highlights and a word count.  I don’t plan to make it boring, but my creativity may be a little low on the side of the blog, while I spend my energy on my novel.  I feel excited about writing again!  Yay me!

I didn’t have too much difficulty writing yesterday.  It seems I usually have lots up in my head, but this damned MS stops me midthought and I sputter out and lose track of where I was.  I can go back and read the prior paragraphs, and still have no clue where I was going with that line of thought.  I understand it happens to others out there, not that knowing that makes me feel much better.  I believe more and more in the Buddhist life, and am trying hard to accept this glitch and move on.

I found myself a shrink and he’s going to get me off some of the antidepressants.  Yay me!  It’s also a possible problem, as he must wean me off of them slowly so I don’t have the side effects, like mood swings.  Yay me!  So far so good, but I’m prone to mood swings about now, so I’m a bit tense.

I asked the doc what he thought about my memory issues, was it mostly MS or meds.  He was honest, if not encouraging, and told me he thought the majority of my problem was probably the MS.  I was greatly disappointed.  But I hope to reclaim some brain activity.

I’ve suddenly bitten off a lot of life.  I’ve got this blog, my new novel and NaNo, my jewelry and looking for a job, and doing my familys’ geneologies. I think maybe I’m manic as I come off the meds.

For the first time in a long time I really want to do something.  Maybe the thought of going back to work did it.  I realize I have only a short time to get in some great living before I have to cut back when I go back to work.  I won’t have the energy for all of it.  Guess I’m trying to get it all in in the next four months.

Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Writing Olympics

  1. Regarding the memory issue..I share that problem with my MS and it is most frustrating but now I ‘try’ not to stress over it as I know it doesn’t help. Glad you feel up to working on your book. Another blogger I know just ‘launched’ her ebook on Kindle. And I hope you find a job that fits your ‘energy’ level. Diane

    1. Thank you Diane, you are so kind. It’s nice to know someone who really knows how I feel. It’s such a scary feeling. Like I had a library of knowledge, and someone has come along and taken away large sections of my books. It might not have been so hard if it hadn’t gotten so bad just as I turned 50. Sort of in the midst of a midlife crisis. Though crisis is too strong a word.

      Again, thanks so much for your kind support.

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