Selling Myself

I’ve been submitting my resume all over the place, trying to apply for the mid level instead of executive level, and not applying to anything that has heavy calendaring, accounting, or travel arrangements.  Those are three of the things that I am just not compatible with any more.

I’ve never been good at math.  Been struggling with math since the second grade, when they used to introduce multiplication.  That’s what killed me.  That, and telling me I can’t count on my fingers, so I would make pencil marks on my desk, which of course is against the rules.  I spent hours trying to balance my last boss’s checkbook.  It was my job to pay all his bills and reconcile each month.  He was a CPA and he had me doing his checkbook.  I really don’t want that responsibility any more.

Heavy travel arrangements means the company is too cheap to employ a travel agent.  Knowing how executives work, I know the arrangements will change constantly until you finally get locked in.  I’m not a travel agent and don’t know the ins and outs of facilitating travel arrangements.

Heavy calendaring is another death knell for me.  That’s why I finally quit my last job.  I kept screwing up appointments.  Appointments that I knew about in January, wouldn’t show up on the calendars.  The calendars weren’t synching, despite my best efforts.

I just applied for a job for an independent artist living in Malibu.  I glance over the job description and feel it is something I can do.  No accounting mentioned.  The ad mentioned laising between her and travel agent. (yay).  It didn’t mention a heavy calendar.  I check out the artist online and see who they are.  I glance over it, try to judge what kind of person they are from the photo on their Facebook page.  I can dig the artist’s work.  I find a blog about them working on a project in Melbourne.  This could be my dream job.  Assistant to an artist of some type, and not a 24/7 assistant.  I figure if I can’t make art, I’d like to work int it.

As I hit send it suddenly dawns on me the artist is working in Melbourne, would her assistant go with?   I considered one other thing I’m generally not willing to do:  Travel.  The ad didn’t mention having to travel, so I think I’m safe.   I don’t think I could leave my family and go to Melbourne for a week, but a huge part of me wants to travel, even though it terrifies me.

I’m having a little trouble finding a lot to apply for,  I’m doing my work and researching the places that are hiring.  It’s so flat, the information is all just a bunch of PR double-speak, I can’t even understand what the company does!  I feel I have a distinct disadvantage looking for work now, at my age.  I despise the interview.  They ask such bizarre questions any more.

What are you most proud of?  Putting up with my last employer for five years.

What kind of person do your co-workers think you are?  Competent and easy going.  What else am I going to say?   They think I’m a bitch and hate working with me?

What is your goal for this year?  To get a job.  What do they want me to say, “I work for  World Peace”?

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