MS Stole My Imagination

Probably the worst thing MS has done to me is take away my words.  There are pages missing from my internal dictionary.  Ideas do not flow like they used to.

Five years  ago I was writing short stories weekly, writing my second draft of my second novel, editing my first novel, and researching a third.  All while working full time.  I don’t know where my time and energy disappeared to.  The only thing I know, is MS has robbed me.  I’m hoping that getting off some of my anti depressants will help.  My Dr says not to be too optimistic.  He thinks my memory issues are more MS related than drug side effects.

I felt pretty good the other day.  Wrote 2000 words and started a novel and registered for NaNoWriMo Camp.  I’m having trouble keeping up.  According to the calculations, I need to write 2200 words a day in order to finish at 50,000 word novel by August 31.  I’m averaging less than 500 words a day.  Right now I won’t finish until the end of October!  I need to pick it up, but the words just aren’t coming.  My characters have not been developing.  They are not telling me what they want to do.

To try to keep what little flow I’ve got coming, I’m doing more exercises.  So far it is not helping.  I even have trouble finding a subject for a 50 word story.  Here is today’s work:

The Helmet

He wore a helmet with a peace sign.

“What’s that on your head?”  The sergeant bellowed.

“My helmet, sir,” he barked.

“And what is drawn on your helmet?”

“A peace sign, sir.”

“You trying to be funny?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’re not.”

“Yes, sir.”

No One Saw Them

He saw the lights in the sky, but didn’t tell anyone.  Who’d believe him?

She saw them land, but didn’t tell anyone.  She didn’t want people to think she was crazy.

They landed at the park, but no one saw them.

They exited the ship and began their exploration.

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