50 Words or Less

A lesson about tiny cars:  They may be economical to drive, and look cute, but people with big friends shouldn’t drive tiny cars.  Having multiple big friends enables them to work together and move your tiny car and carry it far away.   A bummer for you.  A joke to them.


Dog awoke to a loud yell.  The master was up!  Dog stretched, then jumped up, eager to greet the master only to be met by a boot in the jaw.  The dog yelped and ran to hide under the bed.   When the master left, the dog peed on his pillow.


The little girl sat at the window waiting for the first star.  When it appeared she shut her eyes, said the magic words, made her wish and smiled as she went to bed.  In the morning she found her wish to become invisible had come true.  She had disappeared.

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