Did I Tell You I Hate Election Years?

I am so tired of all the mud slinging that goes on in politics any more.  Every election, whether for president, governor, or mayor, the idea of campaigning is apparently throw lies at your opponent.  It’s ridiculous to listen to one side bad mouth the other, when you want them to talk about the important stuff they march out every four years: abortion, stem cells, gay marriage, god in schools…giving animals the right to vote.  All the issues there will be no answer on until the end of time.  Why can’t we all agree to disagree on these points and leave them the f*ck out of the equation!  

I’m not even sure the president is really in charge any more.  The democrats hate the republicans and vice versa.  One group will work against the other side’s ideas just on principal instead of working together.  You remember working together lessons from Sesame Street?  Cooperation.  It’s a big word, but I believe most of us know what it means.  How about a little compromise!?  I get so angry about it sometimes I decide to vote.  Then when nothing changes I get discouraged and decide not to vote.  What would happen if we boycotted the elections.  What if no one voted?  Would anarchy rule?  Would the revolution begin?

No.  Armageddon would not be the result.  The republicans would vote and screw things up permanently.  They’d elect themselves king and the rest of us would grovel before them or die.  I feel the revolution coming.  What form should it take?  Who should be involved?  Would they call it a coup?  Arm all the college kids, force the good old boys out and start rethinking our code of ethics.

What happened to ethics?  Used to be someone said something, it was meaningful and sincere, honest and forthcoming because to do otherwise is against their character.  They decide they want to help people.  Become involved in politics and lose all morals.  How does that happen?  Is it because the senate and house now have more power to work against the sitting president, and have no qualms in doing so even to the detriment of the country.

I delude myself that politics has ever been different.  There may be honest people who get involved in politics, but they don’t remain honest.  The power given to our elected representatives is so tempting even Christ would sell his soul to be part of.  Our elected officials live the life of luxury, pretending to care about the people who elected them, when all they care about is covering their own asses when something turns sour.

I know if I don’t vote I don’t really have the right to complain, or do I?  Will there come another day when the smart overwhelm the stupid and the right people get elected?  Someone like the Dalai Lama would be a good start.  Any Buddhist running gets my vote!  Guess I better make sure I’m registered, because I want to be able to complain about the outcome.

2 thoughts on “Did I Tell You I Hate Election Years?

  1. Should I be ashamed I never vote? I’ve lived through enough governments to know it doesn’t matter who is in charge. They make bad decisions and shit on people whoever it is, there is really no difference in the political party’s here in the UK anyway. The US is another matter entirely… 🙂

    What a shame communism didn’t work, the basic ideology of everyone being equal is lovely, but human nature dictates some of us crave power and control.

    1. People working for our governments are only worried about themselves. Maybe I should stop worrying about the state of the union. It’s been here some 230 odd years, does it really need my input.

      Thanks for makiing me feel better for not voting. I won’t stop complaining about government though.

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