Novel Update

I broke 10,000 words on my novel yesterday.  I am so thrilled. As some of you know, I had a near finished novel that I lost in a move three years ago.  I have been trying to rewrite it and so far it’s going fairly well.  I have tightened the story up already, and parts of it are coming to me as I write.  I remember now I had four separate story lines all leading to the same end.  I had a crossdressing or transvestite bad guy in my first draft.  I’m not sure if she will be a she or a he, I haven’t met him yet in this new version.

I never struggled to write before.  It came easily and as naturally to me as talking.  It had become impossible to write about five years ago.  I just couldn’t get anywhere with anything.  Maybe because I was going through a lot at the time and all my energy was put into coping  and I didn’t have enough left over to write.

I started this blog because I had little to do when I retired at the end of 2011.  I also hoped it would tap into my imagination and help me to write again, and it seems as if it worked.  I don’t know now what I will do with the blog, or the novel, when I go back to work full-time at the end of this year.  I must admit I’ve had a great “retirement” for the last 9 months.  I may not get back to work until the first of the new year, but I have my holiday wreaths I can make and sell for a little extra, and who knows, maybe by then my online stores will have some sales.  (A girl can dream, right?)

I shared the first chapter of The Way here a few weeks ago, but I don’t think I will share any more.  I always had a superstition of keeping my writing a secret.  I did not share any part of the book or story until I felt it was finished.  Of course, now most people who know me know I write.  None have asked in recent history whether I’d been published.  Few people ask to read anything I’ve written.  I like to think it’s because people just don’t read much.  I’m surprised by the number of people I know who have not read a book since college.  I also know people who say, “I read.”  To them I say, “Reader’s Digest is not a book.”

I used to love the Reader’s Digest.  Mom had a subscription for it for decades it seems.  I would read the exciting first person survivor stories, and take the word quiz.  I used to get 9 of 10 answers right most of the time.  Sometimes I was 10 for 10, but I might have cheated.  Reader’s Digest did one thing for me: gave me a vast vocabulary and internal thesaurus that served me well both as a secretary and a writer.  I hope I will regain some of that power as I taper off some meds.  Currently, my vocabulary is standard at the best of times, many times I can only come up with a similar word for the one I actually want.  Ex.:  the word “vocabulary” was long in coming, even though I had just used it.  I could think of similar words; “conversation,” “word,” except the one I needed.

Seems some words come more easily, and sometimes it’s the most obscure word that comes to mind, but eventually I can get it, if no one helps me.  I hope it continues to get better.  I suppose the more often I try to delve into that cabinet in my brain, the easier it will become.  I’ve just had to try to rewire my synapses.  That, apparently, is a slow process.  Sometimes when I forget a word I will stutter to the get the word out.  I hope people will just assume I’m a stutterer.  I hope too, that no one is insensitive enough to try to finish my sentences for me, because that way is doom.  You start tossing words or ideas at me and I forget everything.

Now, I have to end this blog and get back to writing my novel.

8 thoughts on “Novel Update

  1. Cognitive problems re MS are hard to deal with and I don’t suppose that too many people can understand how frustrating it is…the thought process is delayed..I recently started volunteering and just yesterday I felt so ‘stupid’ (bad word I know)..because there was a list of names and when someone came for an appt. I said to her and someone else she wasn’t on my list BUT her name was added at the bottom of the list …hand written (out of time sequence) but I should have picked it up…and it totally just didn’t register…A simple thing but not simple when your brain is a little ‘confused’….I brooded about this the rest of the day because of how I felt…..Glad you’re going strong on your novel..and hope your search for a job goes well….Diane

    1. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear that. I thought it was only me. I have a big problem calendaring, that’s why I quit my last job. I’ll set up the appointment and write it in the book, put it on my boss’s calendar, and my calendar, only to discover on the day of the appointment it is nowhere to be noted. Like I never set up the appointment in the first place. This is my biggest hurdle; thinking I have done something, even with all the duplication I created, nothing ensured the calendar was correct. Therefore, how could anything I do be trusted to be correct? Am I wrong to feel so limited? There’s not an exec around that keeps his own calendar. I don’t even want to go into the terror created by the thought of making travel arrangements! Today I’m terrified of going back to work. Maybe I should just apply at Wal-Mart now and avoid all the stress?

      1. I think you can do more than Wal-Mart for sure if you want to but if you think that it would be stress free for you then go for it..but if you want more than that…just don’t stress yourself with a lot of very detailed jobs. What about a receptionist in an office of some kind or data entry job where you work basically on a computer putting data into it…Just a couple of thoughts. You are limited I would imagine with standing on your feet too long so that kind of rules out cashier jobs…Look online and get an idea of what’s out there in types of jobs available. What about applying at a Job Placement place. You tell them what you want and they find a fit for you? Just some thoughts…Diane

      2. I have been looking into less stressful jobs. The question is, can I live on the salary of a receptionist? I’m also overqualified for that position, Place don’t like to hire people who are overqualified, but maybe someone will understand my desire for less stress.

        Thanks again for your support. It means the world to me. 🙂

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