I’ll say it again, if the Republicans take the White House I’m going to leave the US.  With that in mind, I have spent most of the past two days searching the internet for homes for sale worldwide.  I’ve looked at chic condos on the beaches of Belize and 300 year old stone houses in France, all for about $50,000 US.  Of course that French stone building has no electricity, no plumbing, and dirt floors, as I told H, they’re really cooool and for only $50,000 we would certainly have money to retrofit.

So where would you move to if you could live anywhere?  I considered Canada, but, well, it’s Canada.  I like the idea of living in a tropical climate, like Costa Rica or Belize.  Unfortunately, as exotic as that would be, I think I would feel a part of the destruction of the rainforest.  I looked at Iceland.  Well it’s -50 on a good winter day, and if I didn’t have to go outside until spring, it might be ok.  There were only three listings on the whole island and expensive compared to other places.  I tried Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, but decided I didn’t want to live in the lands of the midnight sun.  I perused listings in Ireland, Scotland, Italy and France.  I considered Spain, Mexico and all of South America.


I think of all the places I looked at Australia looks the most promising.  Of course, it is farthest away, but it seems real estate is not absurdly priced (at least by California standards), they speak the same language–more or less.  As an American, it takes off a lot of the pressure if I don’t have to learn a new language.  It’s much warmer than Denmark, dryer than Ireland, and newer than Italy.  It might be an easier fit for an ex-pat wannabe.

I really don’t want to leave the US.  I might complain about it, but I do like it here most of the time.  What if I don’t like the food in another country?   Unfortunately, If Mitt Romney wins, there may be no choice, because he will pound the last nail in the casket that is Middle Class, which is where I struggle to reside.  Currently, with income that hasn’t kept up with inflation since the 90s, I’m now part of the Above The Poverty Line group, just eking by, like so many others.

So, what is the most popular place for escaping Americans?

14 thoughts on “Moving?

  1. I don’t know about escaping Americans but escaping brits…well some of my friends are now in New Zealand and love it there, same goes for the ones in Australia, ones in Canada which she seems to like mostly due to the skiing I think….I don’t think I’d recommend Britain for you as the politicians aren’t much better over here, but I do love the place though it leaves a lot to be desired…like sunshine lol. xx

    1. It’s sunny and about 95 degrees here in So Cal. I’ll box up some sun shine and mail it to you. 🙂

      It’s not likely I’ll ever leave the US willingly. I’ll probably stick around just to harass the politicians.

      1. Ohhhh sounds good to me! just a couple of days every so often to break up the rain lol.
        That’s my thought about staying here…anywhere I go I’d complain anyway and politicians will be crap wherever you are haha.

  2. as you were in the military i am sure you traveled the world. my experience was one that i will always treasure. just like the u.s. each country had great things to love and some things that just made me scratch my head.

    it is discouraging if you have watched the republican lie fest! my man and i have discussed how we would like to leave the u.s. if the republicans win this time but i can’t fly and he would not survive another move.

    my wish would be to just wake up and have the election over and the democrats still in the white house!!

    otherwise i may be looking up julie and her birds:)

    1. I did not see the world, but I saw Florida and Okinawa. I wouldn’t give up that experience and it does make me appreciate my country a little more.

      I haven’t decided yet if I will vote, but I’d like to see the Democrats stay in the whitehouse, otherwise I may see you at Julie’s!

  3. It was an easy decision for me. Despite the concern over language (that is coming along nicely) I chose France. I am minutes from The Mediterranean and Spain is a pleasant day trip away. I have been here five years next month. I do it on a budget and never been so happy. One of my blogs is about the places I go and things to do here in la belle France.
    Perhaps if you make a list of what is important to you then find people in those places to get some answers and do some online research you will be on your way to making the best decision for you.
    In my village we started our own french class and I never new a class could be so much fun! Yes, we do pay for the class. It is 15 euro for the year to help with costs of materials.
    May I recommend a book that saved me money and time: A Grown-Ups Guide to Running Away from Home; Making a new life abroad by Rosanne Knorr
    Whatever you choose, bon courage et bon chance!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately, my family has no real desire to leave the US. I am somewhat torn by my desire for southern Spain and my love for my family. LOL

      My health also would be a concern. I can have trouble walking and all those hilly towns could be disasterous. It would pay me well to do much research. I appreciate the recommendation of the book. It’s next on my list of books to read!

  4. The book was recommended to me by another ex-pat who had moved to different part of France several years before I came. You might try taking the family for a vacation to Southern Spain and they could be surprised by their reaction. It could open doors. As for the medical, I don’t know about that in Spain. In France we have the best healthcare in the world, #1! It is excellent and affordable if you ever had to pay out of pocket.
    Before moving to France I spent six weeks with a rail pass and back pack going around the country and falling in love with it all. Bon chance!

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