Drug War

I think the “Drug War” started by Richard Nixon in the 70s may not need to “end” but change.  I agree there are lots of bad drugs out there and plenty of bad people waiting to pounce of other people.  We need cops to help protect us, but do we really need cops busting down the doors of the Medical Marijuana dispensaries?  Cops make a lot of noise about their drug busts.  It’s all about how much product was seized.  Million dollar street value drug seized.  Like it’s a big deal to drive down to the dispensary and bust heads! 

If cops would not concentrate so hard on busting the easy drugs maybe more people would support it.  Drug cartels are filled with evil people willing to do anything it takes to keep their dirty hands in the money.  They don’t care who gets hurt, or how.  They send “messages” to people in the form of severed limbs.  These are the guys we should get rid of, not the little corner dealer who is actually trying to obey the law.  Unfortunately for him, the law is deliberately flawed, allowing for large legal loopholes on the wrong side of the page.  I laugh when I hear on the news of a big pot bust.  Big deal, you guys found some pot.  It’s not like pot farmers are really hard to find.  They need a big space, either a warehouse or a farm.  Can’t really do a great big grow in your apartment.Meth

I just wish it looked like the cops spent as much time on the bad drugs as they did mj.  Billions of dollars has been poured into this war for more than 30 years.  It’s time to revise the drug schedules.  Time to put alcohol and tobacco on the schedule.  It is pretty well known at this point that most of us agree that nicotine and alcohol are drugs.  All US drugs are listed on this schedule, except for cigarettes and alcohol.  Why is that?  Drugs

Nixon’s people came up with a Schedule of drugs labeled I through V.  A Schedule I drug, such as heroin and marijuana are considered to be highly addictive with very little if any medically useful properties.  Drugs like morphine and oxycodone are less addictive and therefore settle into Schedule II and so on down the line.  As I understand it, all drugs are listed on the schedule as the list has been updated periodically to include drugs like meth and pcp.  Now that’s the shit they need to get off the street.  Bath salts might be another drug that should be added, though, like PCP the side effects are pretty severe and users sort of take themselves out of the equation.  The drug may disappear from favored, but it stays on this list.

I demand that alcohol and tobacco products be added to the Schedule under Schedule I drugs.  We all know that alcohol is the leading cause of heartaches and road deaths.  We understand that it can alter a person’s perception as well as their personality.  I don’t ask for any other change; let cigarettes and alcohol stay legal, just add them to the effin Drug Schedule.  Wait, I amend that.  I do want one other change.  Put pot under Schedule V where the harmless drugs dwell.

Only once pot has been rescheduled can we work on getting it legalized and regulated just like cigarettes and alcohol.

2 thoughts on “Drug War

  1. I’m against the drug war for the most part. I’ve tried a number of drugs and was for a long while a weekend ecstasy user. It didn’t in any way affect me more than alcohol would have. I think prosecuting the possession of certain drugs is an insult to intelligence…

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