A (Relatively) Short Political Rant

I saw this post on another blog, and it just made me angry enough to try to pen a response.

“I might just have to move there to get away from Obama if he’s re-elected. We’re praying he won’t be. He’s bad news!”

All I could think was, “There’s another one of Romney’s followers who listens and believes the lies spewed.”  I suppose this writer, like so many Romney followers, follows like a sheep to the slaughter, not even checking what is at stake.

For those of you out of the loop of US politics, let me catch you up quickly: The Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney said (in a secret recording released this week) that 47% of those in the US (who back President Barack Obama) are the Losers of America; the unemployed and unemployable, the mentally ill, the disabled, the vets, the working class, the poor.

Apparently, from the Republican point of view, this 47% of the US is not worth the bother.  We are, apparently, the dregs of society, (albeit 47% seems awfully high to me) and should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.  They feel they owe nothing to those disabled vets returning from Iraq/Afghanistan that are so disabled either physically or psychically, that they cannot work.  They can go starve, apparently according to Scrooge Romney and His Believers.  The Romney-ites have the illusion that people can control their circumstances.  Maybe you can control it better when you have money.  Most of us wouldn’t know.

Us “Losers” in the US want what Republicans want: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I don’t begrudge millionaires their money, but I do take offense at their insistence that the working class don’t do enough to better their lives. “Not making enough money?” says the Republican, “Get a better paying job.” What they fail to realize is sometimes that the one you have is the best paying job. Sometimes you top out.  Let’s be real here, not everyone is Princeton material, right.  But there is nothing wrong with doing a “menial” job.  As long as I was a good worker, worked hard, and made enough to bring home each week I could be proud. 

The Republicans will say there are no jobs because Obama failed.  But when companies like Romney’s started out-sourcing “to keep costs down” and profits high.  That is in fact the attitude nationwide, many of us lost our good paying menial jobs due to out-sourcing.  Obama hasn’t failed, you goofballs, the Republicans thwarted him at every turn.  The world is in financial shambles not seen since the 1930s, and it’s all apparently Obama’s fault.  That it was caused partly by Republican era changes in banking regulations.  The world’s economy tanked because it would no longer fit into the parameters we designed.  Stocks, designed to make rich people richer, drive the economy.  One person can cause a run on a stock with world-wide repercussions.

My H is a driver at a private university. He makes $12 an hour and give us good medical benefits, but not much to live on. Our S also lives with us. He is unemployed and has been for more than 3 years. Neither of them are the most skilled.  Both are smart , but have no school beyond highschool, but in California at least, just about every job requires some sort of degree.  Not all of us have been lucky enough to have an opportunity for college. I worked full time, was a mother and a wife, and for more than 15 years I tried to get my degree. Life would get in the way.  Then the costs kept going up; books, parking, tuition, and fewer classes could be afforded per semester.  So, Mr. Better Than Republican, I tried. I really really tried to get a degree, but after 15 years off and on, I gave up, one credit short of an AA degree.

Depending on where you live, what your economic background is, and what your mode of transportation not every job is open to you.  I am a very qualified secretary. The best jobs are about 35 miles away from where I live. I live where I live because it is affordable. The 35 miles to work is on two of the State’s busiest freeways. Most days it takes 1 and a half hours to go in to work in the morning, and takes nearly two hours to come home in the evening.

Due to MS I can no longer make a drive like that.  My body needs a minimum 9 hours sleep each night, closer to 11 hours after driving long distances.  My government says I am perfectly able to keep working at my usual job.  I recently tested for a job placement agency, my scores were only good enough to take a position below my normal job.   The tests prove I no longer have the mental acuity to work as an Executive Assistant.  I have begun to fall backwards career-wise, and have had to start looking for work as an Administrative Assistant.  About a $20,000 difference in pay, in some cases as high as $40,000.  Because of a disease I have no control over.

I’m sorry, I guess being one of the 47% of “losers” I take personal offense to what Romney said, and am personally infuriated when I see someone blinding following him.

I’m trying to survive on disability payments (60% of my prior salary) while also trying not to lose my house. I didn’t plan on becoming disabled, but voting for Obama seems the only way I may remain housed, because I’m pretty sure Romney doesn’t care at all.

12 thoughts on “A (Relatively) Short Political Rant

  1. I am also one of those Losers. I think Romney said that you were supposed to get money for college from Your parents!

  2. I’m Canadian so not familiar with everything but to say what he said is absolutely intolerable and who would want to vote for a man running for the highest position in your country who would say such a demeaning things for many Americans…Diane

  3. my biggest fear is Romney winning the election! not only do we have him saying that he has no intention of representing the 47% who are not going to vote for him but add in his running mate and we are screwed. that percentage of voters is actually based on the numbers of voters who at the time were sure votes for Obama. however, according to Romney we are all bums who think we are entitled to hand outs. well i am with you, although i had a very well paid career it all ended when i went into multi-system failure and was diagnosed with heart failure.

    i am also a disabled veteran, i do receive disability from my service. i was injured in the line of duty. when i do go to the V.A. the first and most noticable is how poor the facility is. next the service is atrocious and yet there is a banner hanging saying how much they value veterans.

    if people are not concerned about Romney they should read some of the ravings of Ayn Rand. she is the crazy, selfish woman that came here as an immigrant and who Paul Ryan says he admires and lives her philosophy. these morons are going to vote for them because they are doing the usual bait and switch. they bait by saying we are against women’s choice and gay marriage so the sheep vote for them. what they don’t think about is these guys are also against them eating, having affordable healthcare and any other benefits that are now available.

    1. Well put. Those blindly following Romney won’t know what happened.

      The way our vets are treated has always been deplorable. I can’t believe it’s still so bad. I have several vet friends, one who is finally getting treatment at the VA hospital. As bad as it it, he’s happy to have it available to since he’s on social security.

      This country should take better care of it’s people.

  4. Apparently if the rest of the world voted in the US election, they’d practically all vote Obama. Romney just LOOKS like a creep, apart from anything else – my 17 yr old son said R had his face painted brown for a rally of Mexicans!!?

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