State DI

I found a form to request an extension of my state disability and had my doctor sign it today.  Apparently they send you this form shortly before your benefits run out.  I was told there were no extensions, but I’m going to try.  I hope I find out if I get it before it runs out.

I still haven’t heard anything about a hearing date for my appeal for my federal DI.  It’s been three months since I got anything from the feds.  I don’t suppose a call does any good, but since I’ve got to dig out my files and paperwork for the address to send my request for extension, I might just give them a call.

I had an appointment with my neurologist this morning to get her to fill out the extension.  I also asked her about changing my MS diagnosis from RR (relapsing remitting) to SP (secondary progressive), hoping that might help my appeal.  She told me the change in diagnosis is really not a big deal.  It just means you’ve had the disease long enough to have developed some permanent issues; like I have with my hands, and now with my feet.

I found it really difficult to drive for the two hour trip.  My hands got fatigued and sore holding onto the steering wheel.  Surprisingly, it didn’t fatigue me physically overall as much as it has before, but I’m well rested today.  I know I can’t do that drive every day any more and that’s a drag.  I’m restricting myself to working here in town, where, so far, the jobs are non-existent.  I registered with a job placement agency about a month ago, but I haven’t heard anything from them.  I got a call about a job in Santa Monica, but I didn’t get called back for an interview.  There’s a big part of me that wants to go back to work.

I wonder if I can get unemployment after state DI runs out? I mean, if the feds decide I am not disabled then I should be able to get unemployment benefits until I find a job, right?  Of course, there is the problem that I resigned from my last position.  That may be an issue.  Only time will tell, but I’m quickly running out of it.  At this point I have to consider myself able to work and start working diligently to get employed in two months.

11 thoughts on “State DI

    1. I just wish I felt prepared to go back to work. I just remembered the agency I went to has online tutorials and tests. Guess I’ll add that to things to do tomorrow, as well as catch up on everybody’s blog. 🙂
      Hope you are well.

  1. Okay..the reason you resigned was due to health issues…and you got DI…but now they say that you don’t for sure I would go for unemployment…also check on the appeal…some of your symptoms have increased and the others such a cognitive are still there too…Be persistent…wear them down lol…But in the meantime do some phone calling re jobs yourself to offices you might like to work….maybe small offices and watch the local papers. That way when you apply for unemployment you can prove (keep a list) that you have been looking for work….Diane

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