The Christian Coalition

As many of you do, I have a Twitter account.  I have all of 22 followers.  I hovered around 16 for a long time and just recently began to gather a few more readers.  I follow people like Ricky Gervais (his comments always sound like I came in on the middle of a conversation), Christopher Titus, the Dalai Lama and God, who is surprisingly funny.  Then I started to feel like there was a vulture hovering near me.  The sense of a hatchet man waiting in the wings.   Yesterday The Christian Coalition followed me.  I wonder why.  I am not their demographic.   Should I do something that would knowingly upset them and hope they quit following me?  Do they hope to convince me that I’m not a  heterosexual atheist?  The specter of evil sits in judgment of my tweets.

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