7 thoughts on “Escape

    1. There are days I want to run away. Yesterday was one of them. I usually just escape online, but last night I needed a walk. In the dark. The family disapproved, which made me want to be gone longer time.

  1. Easy for me to say…but hang in there, Hon. Don’t let the fu**tards wear you down! Oh, make it Spain, and I’ll go with you! I don’t like the sound of the French language and already speak, read, and write fluent Spanish. Plus, all those French pastries would just obliterate my blood sugar level! Hugs always, Randa

    1. Spain is much more attractive on many fronts, but the property is cheaper in France. Oh well, Spain it is, I need someone fluent, as my Spanish is all but nonexistent! My lessons have not yet made me fluent. lol

  2. I’ve thought and thought and thought about it. What would have worked with me as a child is brutal honesty. But in private, just between me and the person that was speaking to me. Tell him what you really think. Being treated like I could understand things was very important to me as it is to most bright children. Tell me how it goes and maybe I can give you more assistance 😀

    1. Thank you for your advice. We have always taken an honest approach, but perhaps we’ve not been pointed enough. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

      Son has gotten more strict and laying down (and sticking to) some new rules; mainly, he cannot play video games until the end of the day. Actually had to take away the videos for a couple of nights, but it had an impact.

      Son has also researched giving GS herbal supplements like Valerian and chamomile to help calm him. … I see light!

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