Me and DI

I sent in a request to extend my California Disability Insurance for more than a year.  It’s been three weeks (I think) and I haven’t heard anything.  I’m also still waiting to hear from the Feds on whether they will grant me a hearing to appeal their denial of me.  I sent that in June.  I’m getting pretty frustrated not even knowing if they will grant me an appeal.  You’d think I’d have heard by now.  My benefits are set to stop in one month and I’m getting pretty nervous.

I understand that it is my right to see the files they have on me and verify they have received all the appropriate information.  The feds denied me after having me see two “doctors” who never introduced themselves, barely spoke to me and asked me simple questions.  Then one of them gave me some simple memory tests, nothing like the tasks I did when I took my cognitive function test.  For all I know they never even requested my medical information.  I understand I can review my file and I want to do that, just can’t find out exactly who to call.

Maybe I should ensure I have a lawyer at this point.  Let them interact with the feds.  They know all the ins and outs and who to contact, etc.  Since they get paid by the government, maybe there is no reason I should go this alone.  Why am I so stubborn as to want to do it all myself?  I guess it’s the idea that I need a lawyer.  No one wants to need a lawyer, right?  I had decided to just go back to work, but I’m not sure I can.  I don’t want to go back to work, find someone who will hire me, go through the hiring process just to get there and find I am overwhelmed by the work.  It’s not fair to an employer to hire me only to feel that I was less than honest in my interview.

7 thoughts on “Me and DI

  1. get the lawyer! i like you thought since i have some contract and tort training, along with being a mediator certified to perform in domestic violence divorces, it meant i can handle this. i thought with my other training/education this would be a breeze. boy was i wrong. so we hired a lawyer let them do their magic ( the appeal) and it was so great. i ended up wishing we had gotten one to begin with. all the stress was gone when we brought on the law office.

    do what is good for you and your health. good luck!

  2. The runaround they’re giving you…I’d say you need some help to get around their red tape..Sending you to doctors who don’t know you from Adam….and are obviously working for the government. Can you get a lawyer who doesn’t get paid unless they ‘win’ their case? Knowing what I do of you just from blogging tells me you shouldn’t be ‘trying’ to hold down a job with all the cognitive issues and fatigue factor…Diane

    1. I spent all morning applying for jobs I am no longer capable of handling, but I don’t see a choice. I did apply for one job today as a receptionist/concierge. It’s part time, in another city (which makes a part time job silly), but I know I can at least do the job. Of course, how I’m supposed to pay my mortgage making $10/hr I’ll never know.

      Thank you for your continued support. I will call the lawyer tomorrow. I hope I actually have a good case. They can review my situation and apprise me of what I may be able to do or whether it’s a lost cause.

      1. Gas here is $4.30, so it wouldn’t be a feasible job. The only hope would be if it was to go full time, or I could transfer to a closer location. This chain I’d be working for has a place just up the street from me. I’d feel better just working, knowing I was doing something to bring money into the household.

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