Self Publishing

What are the ins and outs of self publishing?  I’ve looked into it before, but never delved too deeply.  I’ve got about 14 short stories I could compile into a single book of about 100 pages.

I looked at Amazon and they have a service CreateSpace where you pick a cover, write your back cover blurb, and upload your story.  They assign you an ISBN and its all for free.

So I’m wondering what the catch is.  I’ve yet to see how you get your books delivered.  Should I go straight to digital?  Do I have to upload as an MP3?  Should I go with paper?  How long should the book be?  Can I include photos or some sort of graphics?  None of these questions are really answered.  Should I look at another publishing house?

The Amazon site is just so easy, it scares me.  Seems all I do is really upload the book and voila a hard copy is automatically created with page numbers, a TOC, publishing date, ISBN.

Has anyone used Amazon’s CreateSpace to publish their books?  How was your experience?  Would you do another book with them?  What about marketing, does your book just become available on Amazon and end of story?  How do I get paid?  Do I get paid?

I’d love to hear from someone who’s done this.

16 thoughts on “Self Publishing

  1. Contact Shane hodge “the comeback” he has written and self-published. He is a great guy and I know he will be happy to share with you. Tell him I recommended you get in touch. You can do this, remember some things are that simple:)

  2. I’ve used it to self publish, but as I did virtually no self promotion, for my own reasons, only my friends bought the book. That was ok. I think if you want it to sell, you really have to throw yourself into promotion in a big way. There’s so much competition.

    1. Thanks for the input! Promoting the book is my big problem, and main concern. Without marketing I might as well not even publish. Guess I have to learn all about marketing a book now. And I thought at this age I wouldn’t need to learn anything new–lol.

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