Making a Wire Ring

Someone mentioned to me recently that I could write a blog about my budding jewelry business.  I’ve been making wire jewelry less than a year.  You can see by the sample I posted here, that I am not making anything intricate.  There are artists I have seen who make some unbelievable wire wrapped jewelry suitable for a Rodeo Drive shop.  I am not in that category of skill.

It’s a simple hobby and one I had hoped would supplement my disability insurance.  I opened two stores;  one at, a site for handmade items.  They have it all, if you can make it, you can sell it on Etsy.

The problem I have found is everyone can easily make wire jewelry and put it up for sale.  It takes me only about 15 minutes to make one ring, less if I’m just making a pendant.  Earrings don’t take much longer.  Though my hand problems restrict me to working on these for short bursts: half a day at most. 

Some people work with fine gems and pearls and sterling silver or gold wire.  If I could afford the supplies I’d switch to working in silver and gold.  But even that stuff may not sell.  I haven’t invested a lot of money yet, and don’t have money to really invest any more in this endeavor.  I don’t know what kind of sales other people are making, but I’ve only made a few sales, and that was to friends and family.

I opened a second store at  This site operates a lot like an online yard sale.  Lots of used clothing, shoes and bags.  There is also a lot of jewelry, including wire wrapped like mine.  Copious acts more like a social site, with  you “liking” other people’s items.  I have made no sales on Copious, but I don’t pay until I sell, so I can leave my stuff on there indefinitely, though I’m not sure it will help my sales.

For what it’s worth, I’ve posted pictures of the process of wire wrapped rings, and provide some shots of some of my jewelry.  It’s a simple process.  Take a length of wire, find the middle and string your bead of choice.  I only use glass, stone or shell on my jewelry.  And like to use copper and brass wire, just because it’s cheaper than silver or gold.  They do make craft wire in gold and silver tones and I use that as well.

Press your wire with the bead against your ring guide at least a size greater than what you are trying to create.  As you pull the wire the ring will shrink.  Wrap your wire several times around your bead to make a small nest in which the bead sits.  Simply wrap the ends of the wire to where they will not scratch or catch.
I’m really curious; regardless of price, is this anything you would buy for yourself or someone else??  I need to decide if this is worth my investment to keep going.  I have over 100 pieces of jewelry in rings, pendants, and earrings.  I’m still trying to perfect my bracelets.  They tend to end up large, since I don’t have a spandrel for them. 

Check out my full line at or at

Hope you enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Making a Wire Ring

  1. It’s not as simple as you make us think …those of us with no creativity at all. Is the site you sell it on viewed by a lot of people and can they get a good idea of what the jewelry looks like? I was going to say what about selling it for example at ‘jewelry’ parties given by friend or relatives…but then when I

  2. OOPS …then when I thought about it I thought that it probably wasn’t for you as that has problems of its’ own..I’m not an online shopper so I wouldn’t buy that way but a lot of people do ….In any case hope things go well for you….Diane

    1. Thank you Diane for the thoughts. I don’t know exactly how much either site is viewed. I’m sure they tell me somewhere. I did buy some advertising on each site and I got a lot more hits and likes, but still no buyers. Could just be the economy. I make something inexpensive, but certainly nothing that is a necessity. If only I had a talent that could make me rich…lol. Guess I’ll have to finish my novel next month and sell it for a fortune! haha

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