NaNo…You Know

I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month. and I just finished 1500 words of my novel. (Yea me!)  I felt I could take a break and write my blog.  I usually blog in the morning and doing errands/chores in the afternoon, after my nap most days.

I started out this morning as usual, reading and responding to blogs.  I told myself it would be just one, then just one more, then I see Pink has posted a video, and I must check in on Julie, and my reading soon began to overtake me.  I had to pull myself away and force myself to stop.  I imagine, with so many of us doing NaNo it may be quiet and boring around here.  I will try to do my part to keep it interesting, mostly I’ll be reading and commenting, I don’t know that my blogs will be much more than a novel status report.

Just finding I was able to write 1500, with another 133, I’ll’ve made my daily quota.  It was surprisingly easy!  Soon my confidence will be back and I’ll have no trouble finishing it.


Update:  I reached a total of 1732 words as of quitting time of 5PM.  Beating out the daily goal of 1633 by almost 100 words.  Now I can play and read some crazy good blogs!

6 thoughts on “NaNo…You Know

  1. My sincerest and heartiest CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very impressive! I wasn’t doing NaNoWriMo but was reading “No Plot — No Problem” by the originator of NaNoWriMo when I began my novel. I lost my momentum at 23,000 words when we went on vacation and MUST get back to writing NOW! What a blast! I have a couple of poetry books to my credit but writing a novel is an entirely different kettle of Krispy Kremes! Keep going, Hon! We’re ALL pulling for you!

    Hugs, Randa Lane

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