I’m Supposed to be Writing my Novel

I should be working on my novel, but I woke up with a blank mind today.  Not sure where to start.  I should just pick up where I left off yesterday, but need to warm my fingers up a little, and start the creative juices flowing, so today I started out on WordPress.  I’ve read and commented on several posts, and still feel blank.  Maybe I should run my errands now, take my dog for a walk, or something different.  I just want to avoid the novel for now thought I probably shouldn’t.

Update:  I was able to get nearly 1600 words today.

I already went to the grocery store, planned dinner, taken a walk and a nap.  I’ve done the dishes and now I should vacuum and do some dusting.  But, I think I’ll have some lunch, and finish my blogging, then go back to the novel, see if I can get over 3000 words today alone, because over the weekend I’m thinking I won’t do as much writing and I want to stay ahead.  I can do the vacuuming tomorrow.

My headitor is being rather noisy, and my hands feel especially stiff today, but I’m upright and six feet above ground, and the headitor be damned.  Here I go folks….off to write an extra 1500 words today!

6 thoughts on “I’m Supposed to be Writing my Novel

      1. Yes….we are pretty close …and then we’ll take some time and relax and enjoy normalcy once again…or as close to normal as we can get….Thanks for asking Linda….Diane

    1. Oh, no. I know how that can be. Frustrating to say the least, the way life pushes at us and takes us away from what’s really important: the writing of the Great Novel! haha. Hope today goes better!

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