Day 3 and I’m Still At It

Wrote more than 1000 words today on my novel and figured I’d take a break and blog.  Instead, I took L for a walk and then we took a nap.  For some reason my butt hurts (really, old tailbone injury) and sleep seems to have helped.

I’ve been meditating about my headitor (you know, the editor in your head?).  He keeps interrupting the flow of words, or worse, the flow of my fingers over the keyboard.  I used to be able to type 90 wpm.  Now I’m lucky I can do 60 on a good day.  On a bad day, more like 35wpm.  But the headitor stops me more with gramatical and plot specific editor shit, when I’m just trying to get the basic story done.  The damn headitor needs to be quiet if I’m going to get this done.  So I push on past it.

Is that what this is all about, just a gimmick to get the old fingers flying?  To push past the headitor at last.  Is this one of those “aha” moments in life where you get everything.

No it’s simple really.  It gives you a reachable goal–30 days.  Add a little competition, and  you’ve got NaNo. Give yourself 30 days of doing something–exercise, diet change, writing–and you’re halfway to a habit.  It’s scientifically proven–there’s even (probably) a White Paper on it.

If you can exercise every day for 30 days it will be easier for you to keep the habit longer and be more fit, than say someone like me who exercises every day for 3-4 days then off 3-4 days.  Writing is the same, look at The Artist’s Way: she takes you over a six week program where you write 3-4 pages every morning for six weeks.   I’ve done it and it works; you will write more.    If NaNo doesn’t help me finish my novel, I’ll be dusting off my copy of The Artist’s Way.  (Really, it’s a great program.)

That’s as insightful as I’m going to get today.  Keep writing peeps!

3 thoughts on “Day 3 and I’m Still At It

  1. You’ve done well…at least I think so…to do 1000 words….The walk would have done you good too…but I think it’s too late now to do any more (at least at the time I write this) so take a break …now 1000 words a day for 30 days …let’s see 30000 words…lol (I’m a tough task master)….Diane

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