Post Political Pause

Thank the universe that our election is over.  Thank the universe for passing legalizing marijuana in two states and medical mj in many others.  Congratulations to states that passed gay marriage measures!  Thank goodness Obama is still my president.  We have voted for an openly gay senator.  Only time until our openly gay president and his lesbian running mate!  Won’t that send the GOP into conniptions!!LGBT pride flag

I like discussing politics and will miss some of that, but all in all I am glad it’s over.  I hope Obama is able to make the economy turn around now that he’s got nothing to lose.  All that stands in his way is the GOP in the senate and congress.  Maybe he’ll get things done this time around.

Yet tragedy strikes the Northeast Coast again. Who or what is to blame, Obama or global climate change, or is it due to the gay agenda?  Regardless of the cause, they are getting hit again, this time with snow and cold.  I wish all the Easterners the best–not that it must make any of them feel any better.  If I could I would catch some sunshine and send them all a bottle. 

My conscience now clear, and time available you would think I’d have done a lot of working on my novel today, but no, you’d be wrong.  Today I didn’t get through 100 words.  I’m not giving up yet.  I figure I’ve only got a little while to devote this kind of time to my novel.  I’ll be working by January and won’t have the time or energy to do this next November.

Life is about to change radically for me and my family.  We had bad news on the cancer front.  R’s cancer is not only back, but this time its spread!  Mom wants S to come down and take away the rest of his inheritance.  They are expecting a time frame for the remainder of R’s life.  When push comes to shove they will come to live with us, or at least Mom will after R passes, which they feel could be very soon.  He’s not quite 80.  Mom will be 84 in February and doesn’t drive.  She will have to move in with us until the end of her life, which may not be long after R goes.  I think she’ll give up then.  She’s not going to want to come to live with us, because she will move away from friends, but her family is all gone except for her kids, and sister-in-law probably won’t live out next year.  I don’t think Mom wants to outlive one of her kids.

It’s been a strange year and next year will be difficult.  Son will be losing most of his extended family, by losing very likely both grandparents and an aunt.  That leaves him with some cousins, none of whom he’s ever even met except on FB.  I feel like we should do something more, but how do you prepare to lose your family?  It’s going to be a tough year for S.  GS too, though he is not close to his great grandparents, he does know them, and if they live with us for any length of time he will get very close.  I hope our older dog makes it through the year, but he looks like the only one who has a chance.

I’m sorry I didn’t spend more time this past year doing comedy.  I had the time and energy.  Unfortunately, what I lacked was the material.  I had plenty of material while I was working, but not the energy to make the rounds to open mic nights.  When I retired, I had the energy, but not the material or the confidence.  Now that I really know what I’ve lost, I will work harder next year.  It’d sure be a blast to do 15 minutes at one of the major comedy clubs.  Who knows, I could have an HBO special by the time I’m 55.  I do plan to try at least.  Sure I might have to travel, but I want to travel now.  Who knows where I could go or who I might meet?  What the hell am I waiting for?  I’ve watched people let their lives pass them by.  I don’t want to be one of the; regretting at 80 the things I could have done at 50.

Be sure to laugh today.  I will try to laugh and live today and every day the life I want to live.


11 thoughts on “Post Political Pause

  1. how about a lesbian president and her running mate?
    sorry you and s are going to be going through so much lose here soon. it will be tough and i hope she has enjoyed her life.
    as far as comedy goes isn’t there a reality comedy competition? would that be something you could try? what ever you do make the most of it. as you and i know life is short but in the end you want to say “that was one hell of a ride.”

    1. That’s what I’m learning. I want one last good ride. I may never get to see the world. I may never even see Southern Spain, I will do the comedy I have wanted to do for so long. Soon as NaNo is over I’m jumping in!

  2. You’ve got a lot going on right now especially with your mother and husband and his illness….and the job hunting you need to do. I guess that is maybe why you can’t exactly concentrate on the writing of your novel….Well, like you said “at least the election is over”. Take care…thinking of you…Diane

    1. Thanks. Taking care, trying not to be too hard on myself for not keeping up the writing. I’m still going to write a lot of it, even if I don’t get 50,000 words! A new med from the shrink may help with motivation too.


  3. I’m pretty impressed that you can maintain good humour given what you’re going through. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog the other day, too. Cheers to no regrets, and a kinder, more forward thinking universe… 🙂

  4. I’m with you on the relief over the election being over – and relief over who won. I’m so sorry your family is going through so much. I wish you all the best. And you’re right, sometimes sense of humor is all that can pull you through.

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