NaNo Day What?

I guess today is NaNo Day 12.  I’ve lost track.  I haven’t done consistent work, but this weekend I did some work on my anthology, wrote a sequel to a short story I’d forgotten I even wrote.  All together I probably wrote more than 3000 words today, so it’s not on my novel, but at least I’m working on something.

Thanks to those of you offering encouraging words about NaNo and writing in general.  For those of you who asked for sequels to a couple of stories I posted, I will let you know that I finished a draft of one sequel and started the second.

It’s not getting much easier to write.  I still have to pause and think about what I want to accomplish, which is different from the way I used to write.

I’m going to start hitting open mic nights in the LA Westside probably after the new year.  The funny just doesn’t come as often.  I’m thinking of taking a class, get my  feet wet, maybe make some contacts.  I’m at a loss as to material at the moment, and will be looking into ways to kickstart the creative juices.  I still have some old diaries, some essays, I’m sure there are jokes in there somewhere.   Getting an infusion of funny from other funny people is probably required at this point, so the class really appeals to me.  Unfortunately, I can’t afford a class right now.  Maybe a book.

Bottom line everything I read says if you want to do stand up, you have to do it in front of an audience as much as you can as often as you can.   See, I’m doing research.  I found a great list of open mics all over LA here:

I’m debating which classes I should take and where.  I even considered asking a friend of my son’s for input (he’s a pro).  I re-read Steve Martin’s book and realize again I am entirely too old to start this.  Then I think about all the time I’ve let myself be talked out of doing things.  I think about all the waiting I’ve done.  It’s never too late, in fact, maybe this is the perfect time for me.  I have my maturity and natural speaking ability hidden somewhere.  I have a certain amount of poise and grace, and if I need it, I carry a cane.  It’s nice to have a prop.  Jack Benny had his violin, I can have a cane.

I’m afraid, of course.  Afraid of looking foolish in front of a bunch of strangers I will never face again?  No.  I’m afraid of the travel, the nights spent driving.   I’m afraid my family will be sitting worried at home until I come home.  I don’t relish the idea of driving all over the valley in a week.  I’m afraid the gas will be too costly.  It’s come down a little, but it’s still almost $4 a gallon.  I’m afraid I’ve lost all my funny.  Lost the ability to write funny.  I’m afraid it’s too late.

I don’t expect to have an HBO Special–ever.  I don’t expect to appear on TV or written up in some local paper.  I don’t think I will make a lot of money.  I hope though that I will entertain some people and make them laugh when they need it.

6 thoughts on “NaNo Day What?

  1. If you have the desire you are never too old…and you seem to have it. You have a lot of things pending…a novel…other stories…wanting to do stand up comedy, Do whatever you have the stamina for and love for. I know that sometimes writing is difficult because of your cognitive problems but you seem to be doing great….Way to go….Diane

    1. I am starting a lot of projects it seems. Maybe I’m getting too scattered and should focus on one thing at a time. Toss in looking for work and I’m setting myself up for a breakdown. Oops, finding another reason not to try stand up. I want to give myself a year. I’m so sorry I wasted my “retirement” year.

      Thanks for your support. It means a lot.

  2. it is so easy to say “i am too old,” and any number of reasons for not doing something. however, no matter what your fears, you have been wanting to do this and owe it to yourself to do it. you are not going to get younger, gas is not going to be much cheaper. how old was phyllis diller when she started? and that was during a period where women were certainly not encouraged to do this kind of thing. there was a young woman who had cp and she had a pretty good stand-up career while she could. do you think she looks back and says “wow! that was great” or do you think she looks back and says i had all these reasons not to do it and i should have listened to them?

    you are proving you can write and now on to stand-up!

    1. I have done a little comedy work on stage. I do love to be on stage. H says it’s because I have a big ego that needs lots of attention. He doesn’t understand this is the only ME thing I’ve got. Everything else in my world is US. This is where I define who I am and I’m dying to perform.

      I will do my research and learn from the masters like Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers. “Common” housewives talking about their lives. I can do that.

      But am I really funny, that I’m still not 100% sure of. I want to say I had one hell of an interesting life.

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