Can of Worms

I’ll probably be sorry for opening this can of worms, but why can’t Palestine and Israel get along?  They’ve been at war virtually my entire life.  Why?  Because Palestine doesn’t like Israel and vice versa.  Well, of course they don’t like each other, they keep bombing the shit out of each other.  Do mothers and fathers indoctrinate their children into hating each other?  Do they read books about hating each other?  Is that all they have is hate?  Can’t their countries produce something beautiful, like togetherness?

I don’t really  want a lesson in history as to who did what to whom first.  I admit I know very little about the whys of Israel and Palestine.  I don’t think I need to know those things.  People are people and all they want is to live in peace in their little place in the world.  If we all just let each other do that it would be a better world.

The bottom line is war can end.  It is possible to stop hating.  Is that really so hard?  People quit smoking every day.  Plenty of people give up drinking.  All of these people have one thing in common: they know their world will be better without the addiction.  I think people get addicted to hate, they have somewhere to aim all of their anger and frustration: complete strangers.

People can change if they want to.  Do the people really want peace?  I truly wonder.

8 thoughts on “Can of Worms

  1. “I admit I know very little about the whys of Israel and Palestine.”

    Then perhaps you may think twice before posting about such a complex topic.

    “I don’t really want a lesson in history”

    How are you going to understand the conflict where lives are lost and land is stolen if you don’t want to learn the history?

    And why pick at a raw wound if you don’t want to look at the situation?

    1. What I’m searching for is a reason they don’t want peace, but I suppose it all comes down to who controls what. It’s always about money and power. Doesn’t matter if the people want peace does it?

      I don’t think being an expert on the history of the area is helpful because it just offers excuses on why fighting is preferable. Tit for tat. They did A so the other will do B. Always revenge. To me it’s a bad way to live. If war is possible, why isn’t peace. Peace is easy, it’s free and it can last forever. It’s a simple answer to a complicated question. At least to my mind.

  2. Countries that have always been at war (well nearly always) it’s a sad situation and when I learnt about it at school it made me very angry because yet again that mixture of religion and politics had been so toxic to entire countries. I do wish they could come to an agreement that would stop the fighting but it’s very unlikely unless they can find some common cause to go against rather than focussing on their differences 😦

  3. “I don’t really want a lesson in history”

    huh? the answer to your questions are ALL tied to understanding the history. to try to understand without reference to history, who started it, or why they started… leaves you with ZERO abiltiy to really understand

    try going all the way backto 1948 and just before…. if you really want to understand

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