NaNo Oh Well

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately.  Not writing anything of my novel at all, and days to go.  I think instead, I’ll do what I used to.  Print out what I’ve got and read it through.  I’ve forgotten where I’ve left off characters, changed place and character names.  Some need to be renamed.  I’ve got one I call “Ack”  and my antagonist is called “Grace.”  This used to be automatic in my head.  Names just came to me, and they were right.  Characters came into my head fully formed.

No more.  I need to put together a list of the place names, I’ve got more characters to bring into the story, if only for a time, and they all need names and descriptions.  How much difficulty do you have with characters in your writing?  Do your characters introduce themselves to you, or do you have to pull them kicking and screaming from the ether?

I’ve got to change the way I write, and that’s hard.  Some days I have my mind full of ideas, other days the ideas flit in and out as fast as a lightning bug, one driving out the other.  Then there are days like this, where my mind is totally blank.  Takes me hours to finish a three paragraph blog entry.   Yay PMS MS!  Always some symptom flare up with PMS, lately it’s this blank feeling.  Like being high, but not necessarily having a good time.

Pessimism rears it’s ugly head; maybe my creative writing is behind me?  Maybe time to quit trying.  But I know I won’t.

11 thoughts on “NaNo Oh Well

  1. You are definitely not alone in this! My characters tend to slowly reveal themselves which sometimes is enticing but here lately is mostly just frustrating, plus I am also currently in this place where my mind is more often blank than anything else which is the most frustrating thing of all but it’s great to know that I’m not the only one suffering through!

    1. Forget “writer’s block”, I’ve got “word block”. Takes me forever to type a paragraph today. LOL Glad to know I’m not alone. Keep going or give up. I guess I’ll keep going.

      1. You’re preaching to the choir! Keep going or give up and since giving up is not an option I am forced to soldier on. Here’s hoping a little Thanksgiving meal will lead to the creative juices flowing instead of a long nap 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I’m a little stressed out. My DI payments end in December, I’ve started really searching for a job diligently. Next week I’ve got an appointment with an agency. I sent my resume to another yesterday. And I know there will still be things to do and decide about Mom and R needing our help. Yeah, maybe I do have a bit on my mind.


  2. How I wish I could say or do something that would lighten your load, something different from the other consoling thoughts that have already been expressed.
    Failing that, all I really can say is that you are one of the strongest human beings I have ever known, male or female. You bend but your indomitable spirit does not break. I praise God for you and for what you mean in the lives of others, and I count myself fortunate to call you a friend. Thank you for teaching me not to lament what I can’t do but to do what I CAN. Can anyone do more than that?

    Warm Hugs and Blessings,


    1. Randa, thanks as always for your warm heartfelt words. I may have a heavy load now, but others have loads heavier. I’ve found a lot of compassion for others in doing this blog, and I count myself very lucky to have “met” you.

      Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    1. I do put some notes in the story, to remind me of things I want to go back to and such. Never thought about the voice memos. That would probably be a good idea, I have a recorder and tapes.

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