90 Pages

I’ve got 90 pages of novel to print and my ink ran out.  It’s been low for a while, but I keep forgetting to buy it.  So I got 33 pages printed before the ink totally ran out.  Now I’m sitting here waiting for hubby to decide when it is time to go shopping today, as we discussed last night.  He doesn’t seem much inclined to move though, so I think shopping is out until Sunday.  Of course I could go out alone, but where’s the fun in that? Also, it’s hard to carry packages and a cane.  (I really must find out what others do about the cane.  Mine gets in the way when I sit down, it sticks out into the walkway, or I have to hold it between my knees.  Anyway, it’s a hassle, so shopping with someone is always nice.

I still have to go out, at least to get ink so I can finish printing.  It always happens when I’m eager to work on something, something gets in the way.  Sort of my dumb luck.

Instead of revising my novel today, I will work on updating my Copious jewelry site.  Put some new pieces up, see if anything sells over the holidays.  (It could happen.)  I’ve been trying to update for the past few days but the site hasn’t been cooperative, and runs very slow.  I got one piece added yesterday before I gave up.  I never even got one posted the day before.  What do you want for a free site, right?

OK, my computer is trying to upload some photos now.  This usually takes a while, so I figured I’d come back and finish this post.

I hope all of you in the States and Americans abroad had a great Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, and chaos.  Ours was disaster averted, when cooking the turkey in the broiler didn’t work, we ran to the store, got charcoal and lit up the barbecue.  The rolls were cold, but the meat was hot and smokey, and we forgot all about the cranberry sauce (two cans still in my fridge), but we had a fine meal and wonderful day.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees. (That’s why I live in SoCal.)

We plan to visit Mom and R tomorrow, though I expect them to call it off again.  They may hear more from the doctors today, but I’m not sure.

I just checked Copious, and the first photo showed up, now let’s try and add a second photo.  Yay, the second photo already posted, now for a third.  Well it looks like the site is working again today.  I can post several rings now, but first I need to take my dog for a walk.  I’m not taking the older dog most of the time because he just decides to stop and I can’t carry him (he’s about 80 lbs.).  So it’s me and the little dog most of the time.

So that’s my day: walk the dog, buy ink, and read what I’ve so far written of my novel.  Hope it’s good.


10 thoughts on “90 Pages

  1. body{font-family: Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:9pt;background-color: #ffffff;color: black;}Wonderful, positive post!  Makes me proud to be a nominal member (!) of the human race when I read your blogs…sooo inspiring.  I’m certain this is info you already know but just in case…  There are many, many foldable (or telescoping) canes that would make things easier for you on your shopping forays.  Many are inexpensive, although the old truism applies — you get what you pay for.  I’ve found that Google will also return many hits on the terms “hiking sticks” and/or “monopods” (one-legged tripod) for cameras.  Both are either foldable or telescoping (but not both).  Of course, read he reviews (if you’re looking at Amazon.com) and steer clear of the VERY lightweight (and often flimsy) hiking sticks or monopods.  The latching devices that adjust the length of either item are especially critical so, CAVEAT EMPTOR.Live Long and Well.Hugs, Randa

    1. Wow, thanks Randa, for all the info on canes. That’s more than I knew about them. The only ones I’ve seen are sold at the drug store. Very inexpensive, very ugly. I like the idea of the telescoping cane, though. That sounds pretty cool.

      I’m such a baby though, I like my wooden cane despite the obvious drawbacks. It’s different and people come up to me to talk about it. I like that about it. I’m caught between practicality and art, though I’m afraid practicality will win out. For the better I’m sure. I’m sure I can find something eye-catching.

      Oooh, goody, something to shop for. The idea is growing on me.

      Thanks always. Linda

  2. For some reason we never seem to have a spare ink cartridge either…and it always goes when you’re trying to print something important…

    I am so frustrated trying to shop with a cane…I’m not usually alone so don’t have to worry about a lot …but I usually struggle with my purse and ‘the package’ in my left hand/arm and the cane in my right…It’ awkward with a cane in other places like restaurants too but I guess it is what it is…?? …Diane

    1. I have a bracelet that I used to wear when I use my usual stick. The hook fits into the bracelet and hangs handily. Of course I’ve mislaid the bracelet. I just had my husband order me a collapsible aluminum cane, with a short loop for around your wrist.

      Does your cane have the standard handle? I have a problem with fatigue in my hands from holding onto the handle of my cane. The one I ordered has a Palm Handle. I’m hoping it will be more comfortable.

      1. Yes it has a normal handle…I think I will look for one…I guess at a health store ….I saw one on tv that folds but I don’t like ordering from tv ads because you can’t know for sure what the product is like…Diane

  3. I recently bought a walking stick for my father-in-law that folds up. I was a bit cautious at first because he is a big man and I was worried it would buckle under his weight – but he absolutely loves it! I think if you go online you should be able to find something like this (and the good thing is you can buy it and have it sent to you so you don’t have to go out searching the stores for one!) You could keep your other cane and just take the new one shopping.

    Best of luck 😉

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