Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

So it’s the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  Families are saying goodbye and going home.  The leftovers are almost all eaten, and everyone has had enough turkey to last them through till next year.  Our meal turned out wonderful, even without having a stove.  We had ham and turkey cooked on the grill, which turned out delicious, if late.  We initially planned for a 1PM meal.  Didn’t eat until after 3PM.  Of course, we forgot about the cranberry sauce until dinner was over.  But it was great with leftovers.

But now, on to a short Christmas rant! 

Yay, people started shopping Thanksgiving night.  That’s absurd.  No one cares that the poor retail clerks all have to work on Thanksgiving, probably without receiving holiday pay (I’m sure a lot of businesses get around this some how) so greedy people can gobble up great deals on stuff no one really needs.  Last year my grandson never even opened some of the toys and games he received.  I feel really bad about that.  That’s not going to happen this year.  Due to current financial and familial circumstances, more than social consciousness, we are having a very small Christmas holiday.  We have so far spent about $300 and plan on spending only $200 more (for glasses for S).  Luckily we are not close to the extended family, so there are few people to buy for.

I don’t understand this out of control consumerism.  Maybe it’s a sign things are getting better, but I don’t think so.  I think we’re getting cheap products, cheaply made by cheap labor overseas.  How can this be bad? you ask.  The workers in China have a job and now can support their family.  The people at Wal-mart and Target are working for minimum wage, and probably can’t afford to shop anywhere but Target and Walmart.

And what about all those minimum wage-earning, Wal-mart shopping, tiny apartment-living people.  What about their Christmas?  But we want those deals!  We need those deals.  Americans are addicted to shopping.  We need 24 hour access to everything from fast food to coffee and shopping centers.  I see these people with stacks and bags of stuff rushing out of one store and into another.  Who are these people?  I can’t relate to these obsessive shoppers, always looking for a deal on the latest something that their kid will probably get three of.

I just don’t get it.  I am an Atheist with Buddhist leanings.  I don’t believe all that Jesus was born on Christmas stuff.  For me and my family Christmas is all about the kid.  I don’t want to deprive my GS of the experience of it.  If it were just H and I, we wouldn’t exchange gifts or put up a tree or decorate at all.  It’s a hassle to put up the lights and I have to rearrange things to add the Christmas-y trimmings.  Turning on and off the lights on the tree, the fireplace mess, putting it all away till next year.  I no longer look forward to it.  Maybe it will be better next  year.

So we continue to celebrate Christmas our way, in the way a lot of other people do, but smaller, with way less shopping.

10 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. I think whether you’re an atheist or a Christian the fanatical shoppers are unbelievable. When I saw some of the violence on tv on Black Friday I couldn’t believe it….That’s a nice way to get a gift for that special person that you love…eh?….Diane

  2. Oh my gosh!! I completely agree. Black Friday is pure insanity! I detest the Christmas season with all the consumerism. My kids are still young enough that it is fun, but my oldest is already being influenced by all the crap his friends want and often receive. It’s tough for me to strike a balance and maintain a happy attitude this time of year.

    1. So true. If not for my GS we probably wouldn’t celebrate with gifts at all this year. You want to give the kids what they want, just not everything they want. We also need to teach them the difference between want and need, and what it is to truly need.

      Yet we want our kids to have the wonder and surprise of Christmas gift giving. It’s wonderful to go shopping for the perfect something for grandma, and seeing her eyes light up as she opens your gift. It’s a beautiful thing, Christmas. Too bad rampant consumerism seems to be ruining it (and not Atheists, as some believe).

  3. A very wise person known only as “Unknown” said: “Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” Very sad.



  4. It’s sad that our society today looks at shopping with family on Black Friday as quality time spent together, I find it nauseating. The sense of the Holiday Season is lost on so, so many people.

    1. I don’t even know people like that. I paid my bosses bills and saw all his credit card accounts. Seems like all his wife did was shop. One month she bought $10,000 worth of stuff. No wonder rich people need gigantic walk-in closets.

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